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What to Expect from WWDC 2020 – iOS 14, Re-Designed iMac, New Hardware

WWDC 2020 is around the clock and we are going to see a lot of new updates and hardwares. How about we take a deep dive and see the list of what all we might see this year during WWDC?


The annual World World Developer Conference (WWDC) by Apple is about to take place soon. The current COVID-19 Pandemic did not stop the tech giant from conducting their annual conference.

This gives us an idea about how confident Apple is about its development. As we know since last few months, the world has been paused. There has not been proper working and functioning. People have been stuck inside their homes and far away from the resources they need to work on the assigned projects.

WWDC is an annual time when Apple announces their upcoming new operating systems. Just like every year, the company roles out an update to improve the performance and the functioning of the old devices.

This year, there is something unique about this World Wide Developer Conference, it is going to be LIVE. Like every year, we might not be seeing the pre-recorded video by Apple. Personally, I feel the videos were an important part of their software or hardware launch, as the company has the ability to persuade with help of their videos.

You can watch the LIVE Stream on YouTube from the link below or you can also visit Apple’s official website to watch WWDC 2020 LIVE.

However, we have a lot to discuss, about what can be expected from this year’s WWDC.

What to Expect from WWDC 2020?

As a glance, let us first list everything we can expect from WWDC 2020 and then talk in-depth about each one. Let us start the list:

  1. iOS 14
  2. macOS 10.16
  3. watchOS 7
  4. tvOS 14
  5. Other Updates

iOS 14

The flagship announcement of the entire WWDC is nothing but the new release version of iOS – iPhone Operating System. As iPhone is the highest sold device and every user of an iPhone waits for once in a year upgrade during this time.

Because the company focuses on adding new features and improving the user experience. With the attempt to support as many devices as they can, until the hardware supports the latest iOS version and doesn’t lag in functionality.

In case, you are using an iPhone or iPod running on iOS, you would have experienced the buggy iOS 13 release. So much so that, Apple had to rush iOS 13.1 to beta testing, so that the issue could be resolved at the earliest. This was a very disappointing moment for the company. The very first update release of the year of iOS 13 was buggy and had to be fixed at the earliest.

This time, Apple is trying to focus mainly on performance and stability. Because the company does not want what happened last year, to happen again.

Which means, there is a possibility we might not see a lot of new features but a very stable working and functioning iOS version.

But that does not mean that Apple will not add any features to this year’s iOS 14. The main update that I will be waiting for will be the Application List on Home Screen.

Currently, if you have a lot of applications installed on your iPhone, you need to search for them via Search option or look in various folders for them. To change that, Apple is going to add a list feature right on the home screen, which will help you to easily open any of the installed application on your iPhone.

I think this will be a really nice feature and can be helpful for people who keep a lot of apps installed on their iPhone and probably use most of them.

Apart from this, we can possibly also see a widget option on the home screen. Very similar to Android, Apple is also finally planning to add few widgets on the home screen for easy access and usage.

Currently we do have the widget option, but that is accessibly only when you swipe right on the home screen and move inside the widget section. You cannot add a widget on your home screen as of now. Which should get changed with iOS 14 being rolled out.

Apart from this, there is also news that Apple is working on Augmented Reality concept named “Gobi”. Possibly Apple is trying and testing this concept in Apple Stores and Starbucks right now, which will help people to use their iPhones or iPads to get the Menu.

There are also chances that Apple is working on something called CarKeys – a system that will allow users to control their car right from their iPhones. This is a feature that most of the smart car owners will be waiting for out there.

macOS 10.16

For Mac, Apple has some interesting plans. Just like few of the apps – Stocks, Voice Memo, News, etc. Apple is planning to add few more Catalyst Apps to macOS. The major one will be Messages App on Mac.

Apple allows developers to migrate their apps from iOS to macOS, and this will be very good for the Messages App. As if you use the messages app on iPhone or iPad, you would have noticed a lot of improvements and add-ons. Just like, extensions, memojis, stickers, etc. While non of these are available on the Mac version of Message App.

Adding them all to the Mac will redesign the entire messaging experience on macOS as currently the app is only useful to send and receive messages.

As there is very little information about the macOS, we will wait for some more information or directly for Apple to talk about it during WWDC.

Similar to last year, there is going to be a name for macOS 10.16, but what can it be? Comment below and let us know about it.

watchOS 7

There are a lot of updates that we can see about the watchOS 7. Just like every year, there are going to be a lot of new watch faces to see. Some also adding the ability to design / build customised ones from the Photo Albums.

watchOS 7

Apple is also working on Child Mode for watchOS. This will allow parents to set-up and manage Apple Watches right from their iPhones, control the apps that their children can use during the day.

This can be a really helpful update for parents who want their children to use Apple Watch but at the same time want to have a control and overview on how they use it.

Earlier this year, there were a few leaks about the Sleep App. Which might be coming to the watchOS and integrating with your iPhone in a better way to provide more and in-depth information about your sleeping habits.

tvOS 14

Similar to watchOS 7, tvOS 14 is also going to get the Kid Mode for the first time ever. Allow the parents to create a separate account for kids and decide what all apps can be accessed from there.

Again a good feature that will allow parents to control what all their children watch on the TV and for how long.

As tvOS made it to macOS last year, there will be an added feature which will allow users to keep a track of what content they are watching and for how long. Something more like report of their usage and time spend on tvOS.

When can we see these updates?

Based on the prior schedule of Apple of releasing new updates and rolling them out, we have a pattern which mostly Apple should be following this year as well.

Right after the WWDC event, we see Apple rolls out the developer release. Which means, if you are a registered developer with Apple (paying $99 per year), you can also get the update right after the event.

But in case, you aren’t, you might have to wait for some time. As after rolling the developer release, Apple waits for developers to work on the release and help apple to fix few bugs (if any). After which, Apple will be release a public beta version, which seeks for help from public developers and testers to improve the software before the public release.

This means most likely we will get to see the first developer betas of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, macOS 10.16, and tvOS 14 on Monday, June 22 — but it’s not sure.

Other Updates we might see

New iMac Design with 23"

There are rumours for a fresh design change in Mac series. It has been almost a decade since iMac got its last design change. Every since, it has remained the same.

There are talks on the street that Apple is mostly going to give the Mac a design very similar to the iPad Pro XDR – slim bezels and thin design. Also adding a new 23″ model to the iMac lineup.

Well, there is not much information available about the new iMac, but we can surely wait for Apple to talk more about it.


There are a lot of updates and news that we are waiting for, from this year’s all virtual WWDC. It is going to be very exciting and fun watching it this year. Let me know about which ones your favourite out of all the above mentioned updates from this year’s WWDC.

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