WhatsApp Web Not Working on Your iPhone/iPad?

WhatsApp Web is a web based service which requires you to pair your iPhone to the computer app by scanning a QR code. Later you can easily use WhatsApp on your computer. If you're facing issues with WhatsApp Web, we've found some solutions that might help.

whatapp web not working

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging application in today’s world. The number of users on WhatsApp are just rising over the years. And WhatsApp is also working hard to ensure that the user experience is up to the mark, so everyone continues to use it.

Otherwise is today’s world people easily shift from one app to other due to a small error as well. For enhancing the user experience and allowing more comfort to people, WhatsApp recently launched WhatsApp for Web feature.

WhatsApp for Web allows one to connect their phone’s to their computers and use WhatsApp on their computers. In order to use WhatsApp for Web, one had to logon to WhatsApp Web and scan the QR code to start texting.


Soon after, WhatsApp also launched desktop applications for desktop. Means now you no longer need to open your browser, download the application and launch it. The application is available for both Mac as well as Windows.

But in the recent times, many users are facing issues and claiming WhatsApp for Web not working. The company however hasn’t provided any details on that yet. But we did some digging and figured out what could be causing the issue.

WhatsApp Web Not Working on Your iPhone/iPad?

There are couple of things that might be causing WhatsApp for Web not working on your iPhone / iPad. There are different troubleshooting for your Computer as well as your iPhone.

How to Fix Web WhatsApp Not Working on Computer

#1 Clear Cookies

Clearing the Cache and Cookies on Chrome is a very simple process which doesn’t require much of expertise.

  1. Tap on the three dots at top right corner
  2. Select More Tools
  3. Clear Browsing Data

#2 Disable VPN

It often happens that the VPN clashes with the network settings of Chrome. Which leads to connectivity issues for proper functioning. For the same reason, it is recommended to turn off VPN and try using WhatsApp Web. Which should probably work and your issue should be resolved.

#3 Chrome Incognito Mode

For some unknown reason, using Chrome in it’s Incognito Mode helps. For the people who do not know what Incognito Mode is, it is the private mode. Which doesn’t record any cache, cookies, history, etc. of whatever you browse.

How to Turn On Chrome Incognito Mode

  1. Click on the three dots on top right corner of the window
  2. Click on Incognito Mode

Now you can easily start browsing privately and try using WhatsApp Web here and to your notice you must see it working properly.

#4 Reset Chrome

There are often chances that there might be a setting glitch. Many times when we change one setting and without our notice some other might get changed or disturbed. Which may lead to issues in the future.

For the same reason it is possible that if your Reset Chrome to Default, it shall help you recover from the problem and find a solution.

How to Reset Chrome to Defaults

  1. Click on the three dots at the top right corner of the window
  2. Select Settings
  3. Scroll down and select Advanced
  4. Choose the last option to Reset Chrome to Defaults

#5 Re-install Chrome

Some times it is possible that a glitch is stuck and even after changing couple of settings it won’t let go. In such situations, the most safe solution is the re-install the application. So, you can uninstall Chrome from Control Panel and download it again from here.

How to Fix Web WhatsApp Not Working on iPhone

#1 Aeroplane Mode

There can be connectivity errors, which can be easily resolved by a simple process. You can go ahead and Turn On Aeroplane Mode and after a minute Turn Off.

How to Turn On Aeroplane Mode on iPhone

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Beside Aeroplane Mode there would be a toggle, turn it on
  3. Wait for a minute, turn it off now

This shall stop all the connectivity for a minute and resume again once you turn it off, which can help you in resolving the glitch / connectivity error.

#2 Reset Network Settings

Where the Aeroplane Mode tries to fix any connectivity error caused recently, it is possible a glitch might have bugged your iPhone. So, you can reset your Network Setting to reset the Network Connectivity to factory defaults.

Read more about How to Reset Network Settings on iPhone

#3 Reboot iPhone

In case the above two trouble shooting doesn’t help you resolve your issue. The last one you can try, which is the ultimate solution to most of the issues related to glitch or errors is to restart / reboot your iPhone.

Read More about How to Restart / Reboot iPhone


With help of the above solutions provided, it might have worked to help you resolve the issue. Once the problem is resolved, you can now easily go ahead and use WhatsApp Web. In future if the problem repeats by any chance, then you can definitely try the same trouble shooting to resolve the issue.

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