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Getting to have widgets has been a dream for iOS and iPhone users. But this dream eventually is not gonna come true, if someone is a die-heart fan of widgets than they should consider shifting to Android. But for the mean time, if you don’t know there is a Hidden Lock Screen Weather Widget on iOS 12.

The widget is not a full time widget, but just shows on your lock screen for couple of seconds and disappears hence forth. So, this is a short and easy tutorial that you can follow in order to enable this widget and take a look at it.

Unlock the Hidden Weather Widget on iOS 12 Lock Screen

Alright, so this widget works only with Do-Not-Disturb along with Bed Time Mode. Which means you need to have Do-Not-Disturb as well as Bed Time turned on and when the time for Do-Not-Disturb comes to an end the Widget shall appear on the Lock Screen.

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How to Unlock the Hidden Weather Lock Screen Widget on iPhone running iOS 12

Step #1 : Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Weather and switch to Always Allow

The iPhone requires to allow location to the Weather App all the time because if it isn’t turned to Allow Always than it won’t show the Weather Widget on the Lock Screen. 


Step #2 : Go to Settings > Do-Not-Disturb > Scheduled DND > Set the start and end time

You can set the actual timing, from when to when you go to sleep. But for the mean while if you wish to just take a look at the Widget, set the end time one minute more than the current time on your iPhone.


Step #3 : Under the Do-Not-Disturb settings, there will an option for Bed Time Mode, toggle that on as well.

Bet Time Mode is required to be turned on as the iPhone must know you’re waking up right now and when you wake up it’ll show you the Weather Forecast for the day.

That’s all, you’re good to use the all new Hidden Weather Widget on your iPhone running iOS 12. Let us know in the comment section, do you like the widget? Is it useful to you and what are your thoughts on Apple adding more such widgets to the Lock Screen.

Video Tutorial : 

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