Reverse the Digital Crown Volume Controls on Airpods Max

You can increase or decrease the volume of your AirPods Max earphones with the help of a rotating Digital Crown button placed on the correct ear cup. Fortunately, Apple grants you to alternatively change the direction of the Digital Crown button while changing the volume.

Digital Crown

Adjusting the volume

Apple initially executed a rotatable Digital Crown button on its Apple Watch. On the wearable gadget, the Digital Crown can be scrolled or zoomed in and squeezed to go back to the Home screen and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. On your AirPods Max, changing the direction of the Digital Crown back to front builds the volume. Then again, turning the rotatable catch front to back declines the volume level.

Q. How to locate the model and serial numbers of your AirPods Max?
Ans. This isn’t risky on the off chance that you have the assumption that the default button direction will work positively for you. Should you end up unknowingly increasing the volume as far as possible when you expected the exceptionally inverse, however, you can alter the path of the Digital Crown button.

(Note – To try not to increase the volume accidentally when you need to turn it down, you’ll need to change the button’s direction.)

How to reverse the Digital Crown Volume Controls on your Airpods Max

You can turn around the volume controls on your AirPods Max by changing the direction of the earphones’ Digital Crown button in your Bluetooth settings.

  • Go to the Settings option on your iOS device.
  • Select “Bluetooth” from the options list.
  • Hit “I” close to your recorded AirPods Max earphones.
  • Contact the “Digital Crown” option under “Increase¬† Volume By Rotating” and settle on your decision.
  • There are two settings available to you:
  • Back to Front: Turn the Digital Crown clockwise to increase the volume
  • Front to Back: Turn the Digital Crown counterclockwise to increase the volume.

The progressions produce results right away.

(As indicated by Apple, if the volume doesn’t appear to get stronger when turning the Digital Crown, attempt to change earphone volume on your phone. Remember you can perform different capacities by squeezing the Digital Crown, for example, call for Siri, controlling media playback, overseeing calls (to change call volume, turn the Digital Crown while on a call) and that’s just the beginning.)

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