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Prevent iPhone 11 Pro from Overheating [7+ amazing ways]


Are you fed up with the continuous heating of your iPhone 11 pro? If yes, then we guess your worries are coming to an end, so scroll down and go through the best solutions for your iPhone 11 pro’s overheating and battery draining problem.

Let us first take a look at the reasons behind your iPhone 11 Pro overheating –     

  1. Make sure you don’t use your iPhone 11 Pro while charging, as it causes heat in the device, and do not charge it frequently, charge only when your device crosses the battery level of 30%.
  2. Your device may start generating heating it when it crosses the suitable physical environment needed to operate a phone that is the temperature between 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
  1. The design and material of your phone’s case also affect its temperature, so avoid buying cheap plastic cases and switch to good quality cases for your iPhone 11 Pro.

Using your iPhones Processors continuously and too much also causes overheating, most often users playing a lot of games face this issue. So keep giving your device rest spans to avoid its overheating.

These are some reasons why your iPhone 11 Pro may overheat, so avoid these activities as much as possible.

So now let us take you to the solutions –

1-Avoid the heating environment and stop charging

  • Do not place your iPhone in an overly heated place, such as a car dashboard or drawers while charging.
  • Make sure iPhone 11pro is not exposed to direct sunlight when not in use or while charging.
  • If the weather is too hot outside and you find that iPhone is heating up as well, take your device to the shade. Give it some time to cool before using it.
  • Regardless of the temperature of the iPhone, do not put it inside the refrigerator.

If you feel that charging your phone is one of the reasons for its overheating so immediately remove it from charging and check whether you are using the right USB cable or not.

iPhone 11 Pro

2-Disable Unwanted Background Apps

Sometimes your phone starts heating due to a large number of apps opened in your background, all that you have to do is to have a look at the battery usage feature of your iphone11 pro and see which applications are draining a lot of battery and overheating your iPhone 11 Pro.

Just go to Settings > Battery > check the Battery Usage.

Here you can find the unwanted applications, so you can remove them or close them as needed.

3-Force Restart your iPhone 11 Pro

The overheating issue is often associated with another issue that is no response or stuck display. Just like computers, smartphones can also find themselves in the same state when they overheat because the processor is too exhausted and can no longer perform its normal operations. If this happens to your iPhone 11 Pro as well, then definitely a force restart is needed. It forcefully terminates all the erratic apps and services that could have caused the device to overheat and then get stuck.

Steps to restart to your iPhone 11  Pro

  • Press and release Volume increase key.
  • Press and release Volume decrease key.
  • Gently press the side button for a few seconds and release it when the Apple logo appears.

One more reason for doing a force restart is to stop all the corrupted system activities contributing to processor exhaustion.

Note – This process does not make a permanent loss of data.

4- Use Low Battery Mode

In case your battery is low and you can feel your iPhone 11 Pro is overheating so change your battery settings to low power mode.

So if you consume less power then directly the heat generation of your device will also be less.

How to go to Low power mode?

Go to Settings > Then Battery > Enable Low Power Mode.

iPhone 11 Pro

5- Turn your Bluetooth and AirDrop Off.

 Keeping the Options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airdrop, and even location constantly on can contribute to heating your iPhone 11 Pro.

You should immediately disable them when not in use.

Steps to disable them –

  • Swipe the control center down from the upper right – hand side of the screen.
  • Now Disable all the functions that are not in use.

6-Take your phone out of the case

Cases are used to protect your device from any type of damage, but one disadvantage of using a case is that it prevents radiation of heat and increases the temperature of your phone as soon as it is exposed to heat or charged.

So take your iPhone 11 pro out if it’s the case for a while to bring it to normal temperatures.

Avoid cases that are too bulky and have no room for air transportation or traps heat.

7-Update iOS

The iPhone user base is extensive, so whenever a widespread issue occurs Apple is quick to fix it with a software update.

 Hence, it makes sense to run the latest iOS version on your device.

To check if any update is needed on your iPhone 11 Pro –

Go to Settings > Then General > Software Update, If you find a pending update so download it and install it.

iPhone 11 Pro

8-Restore  iPhone 11 Pro to Factory Settings

It is the last option left in your hand before going to an Apple Store, so just factory reset your iPhone, this option will erase all your data and content.

Setting all your system settings again is proven to be a useful method for fixing this overheating issue.

You can use PanFone iOS Eraser for doing so, the procedure is –

  • Open PanFone iOS Eraser and connect your device to the computer. ( Disable Find My iPhone )
  • Select Erase All Data and then press the Erase button, enable the Medium Level erasing level.
  • For verification, type Erase and press the Erase Now button to reset your iPhone 11 Pro.

So these were the ways you can use to prevent your iPhone 11 Pro from overheating and solve the battery draining issues.

If you are still facing the same issue even after trying all the methods, then maybe it is time for you to take your iPhone to the Apple Store.

Hope you found the article useful, and if you want to get solutions to some other iPhone related issues then do comment and inform.

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