New Apple AirPods 2 – Features, Price and Release Date

Apple has silently pushed an upgrade to the AirPods. We now have the AirPods 2 in the market to order. Delivering from the coming week, let us take a look at what's new in the AirPods 2?

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Finally, the wait is over. Apple has announced the second-generation AirPods. The world famous wireless earphones by Apple has finally received an upgrade. There was no event, silently along with a Press Release Apple announced the new Apple AirPods 2.

We have been waiting for this upgrade since a very long time and finally we have it. However we did not think that Apple shall announce the AirPods 2 without the special event. As per the rumours, AirPods 2 were to be launched at the Apple March Special Event.

But never mind, we have the upgrade with us. So, let us take a look at the all new Apple AirPods 2. There are lots of new features and I’m very excited to share the same with you all.

New Apple AirPods 2 – Features

With the new update to the AirPods, the exteriors do not change. They look alike to the original AirPods. But we do have slight changes in the charger of the AirPods. Now, AirPods 2 feature a wireless charger. We did have it in rumours since a year as of now, but today we finally have it.

The new AirPods 2 comes with the all new H1 chip by Apple. H1 is a dedicated CPU chip developed by Apple for earphones and headphones which enhances the performance. Accordingly to Apple, AirPods 2 feature a 50 percent more talk-time. This is all because of the new H1 chip included in the AirPods 2.

Talking about the hands-free Hey Siri, so, now you no longer need to tap on the AirPod to activate Siri. Siri is always listening to you in the background, just say Hey Siri, followed by the command and you’re good to go. This makes it much more easier to adjust volume, make phone calls and change the now playing songs.

The new AirPods also feature a 2-times faster connect time. Which means now you can seamlessly switch between devices with no lag timing or hassles. This is a very helpful features if you have multi Apple devices and all paired to your AirPods.

For the first time, Apple is proving free engraving on the AirPods. So, placing the order you can enter a personalised message or name. Which will be engraved by Apple on the AirPods’ charging case, right below the LED indicator.

AirPods 2 Price

As the AirPods have new features, so the new features come along with a new price tag. The new Apple AirPods 2 along with a wireless charging case are priced at $199. There is a hike in the price from the original AirPods, but that is all due to the new chip set, features and longer battery life.

However, you can opt for a standard charging case which shall have the same all features just the case will not wirelessly charged. These are priced at $159. So, you can say that you’re paying $40 for the wireless charging case. Which can be worth or may not be, depending upon your usage.

Apart from the above mentioned two options, if you use the original AirPods and want to upgrade to the wireless charging case, then you may by paying $79. For which you’ll receive a wireless charging case for your AirPods.

Apple AirPods 2 Release Date

Today, on 20th March 2019, Apple along with a Press Release launched the new AirPods 2. You can start ordering them now from the Online Apple Store and Apple shall deliver the new AirPods 2 from the next week.

There is a waiting period for 7 days, you can buy the new AirPods 2 and get your hands-on in the next week. It is very similar to launch of other Apple Products. I guess this does help Apple to anticipate the demand for the product and take actions accordingly.

AirPods 2 Compatibility

In case you are planning to get the new AirPods 2, you must ensure that you your iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac are running iOS 12.2, watchOS 5.2 and macOS 10.14.4, respectively. In case the devices aren’t running the minimum required softwares, it would not be possible for you to use the new AirPods 2.


So, finally after a very long waiting period we got an upgrade for the AirPods. But yet we do not see any signs for the AirPower along with which Apple featured the wireless charging case for AirPods. Let us wait for the coming Apple March Special Event for further possible updates.

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