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macOS Mojave now Available for Download with Dark Mode


Apple has a history of updating it’s operating system line on all platforms once every year. For this year, it came up with iOS 12, watchOS 5, macOS 10.14 and tvOS 12. Out of all of them, only the macOS was pending to be publicly launched but it is finally out and now you can download it.

But just downloading the latest version of macOS isn’t interesting, knowing more about what’s all new in the version helps you to get most out of it.

Here is your Guide for All new Features of macOS Mojave 10.14

Dark Mode

One of the best changes in latest version of macOS Mojave is the Dark Mode. This features turns your entire mac into Dark Theme, only only just the Menu Bar or the Dock but also the apps such of Finder, Messages, Mail, etc.

Most of the people out there was a special love for dark theme and it is finally implemented in this version of macOS. You must definitely give it a try.

Take a look at the new Dark Mode on macOS Mojave

Dynamic Desktop

This is the new technology of Desktop that Apple has implemented in it’s latest macOS version. What it does is that along with the time and hours of the day, the desktop wallpaper changes. Which means during the day in the morning you’ll see a brighter colour wallpaper with sunshine while in the night, you’ll get to see a wallpaper with darker colours and night mode.

However, if you’re using the new Dark Mode, the colours of the day shall be limited to darker shades.

Click on the video below to take a sneak peek at the all new Dynamic Desktop


Your desktop is smarter than ever. You can now organise all the files on your desktop on the bases of File Type (PDF, Spread Sheets, Images, Doc Files, etc.), Metas, Date of Modification, etc. This helps in easy accessibility as well as better organisation of the desktop. You can easily tap on Two-Fingers on your trackpad and expand a particular stack to access a file in it.


The Finder on macOS Mojave has been redesigned to save your time. Now, if you need to search an image or a PDF you do that with much more ease by using the Gallery View Option. Also, there are Quick Actions added to the preview tab, which helps you to easily rotate images, create PDFs, trim videos and lot more that too without even opening an App or Renaming the file.

The actions can be copied and applied to a number of files at the same time with help of Automatic WorkFlow.

Quick Look

Now you can do more with just a space bar. There have been a series of features added to the Quick Look feature. Now, you can rotate an image, add / edit images in PDFs, edit and trim audios and videos and even mark up PDFs. And not just this, you can share the outcome right from the Quick Look once it is ready.


Taking screenshots now is even more interesting. When you enter the Screenshot Utility, you get options for the type of screenshot to take on the left and added new feature are the screen recording option, option to enter start time as well as the option to choose the destination folder right in that panel. Also, once you take a screenshot, the thumbnail appears on the corner of the screen let it stay there to be saved in the destination folder or tap on it to quickly edit it and share it right from there without even saving it.

Continuity Camera

Syncing between your iPhone and Mac was never so easy, now just click a picture of something on your desk and it’ll show up right on your Mac in Pages. Or click a receipt on your iPhone and have it right in the finder on your Mac as PDF. Continuity Camera works with Finder, Messages, Mail, Notes, Pages, Keynote and Number.

Group FaceTime

You must be knowing that the all new FaceTime has an added feature of Group FaceTime for upto 32 people. This feature can be really helpful for people who want to have group video calls and love FaceTime as well. Right now, this feature isn’t available but it is expected to be added in the upcoming versions of iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 Mojave.

All New Apps

There has been new apps added to the macOS, although they were available on your iPhone since quite some time but it is good to have them on Mac with a bigger and wider view.

These are:

  1. Stocks
  2. News
  3. Voice Memo
  4. Home (HomeKit)

Additional Features

Adding Emojis to Mail : Now you can easily add emojis to your emails and manage the mail box.

Ask more to Siri : Siri is now capable of taking HomeKit commands and also it has even more information about your surroundings.

Favicon in Safari Tabs : Now identify your tabs and websites even faster by looking at the icon.

Those were some major changes you’ll be able to see in the new version of macOS Mojave. What do you think about them? Did you update to macOS Mojave yet?

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