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macOS Catalina – The Most Powerful macOS ever?

This year's upcoming upgrade for macOS line-up is the macOS Catalina. One of the most advanced and intelligent OS for Mac. With a lot of added features and apps, Apple has tried best to ensure improved productivity.


At this year’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC 2019), along with iOS 13, iPadOS, watchOS 6 and tvOS Apple did announce the upcoming macOS. The name itself is explanatory. However, just like every year, this year’s naming series did continue. This year’s macOS is named after a natural reserve in the state of California – Catalina.

There are few major upgrades in the macOS Catalina, while many minor ones. We shall take a look at all the details and every thing you must know about the upcoming macOS Catalina. Though there is a lot of time in the public release (This Fall), but there is no harm is knowing about what are the changes and upgrades coming to the software update you shall receive in couple of months.

macOS Catalina Release Date

Just like every year, Apple announces their upcoming Operating Systems for their devices during WWDC and releases them to public during Fall, which is mostly Mid – September or Late – September. This year as well, we can expect macOS Catalina or macOS 10.15 to be released for public anytime between Mid-September. We shall get more information as we move closer to September.

macOS Catalina Beta 1

Right after the WWDC 2019, Apple released the first beta of macOS Catalina to their registered developers. If you’re also a member of the Apple Developer Program, you can also upgrade to macOS Catalina Beta 1.

However, you must keep in mind that these are developer previews for the developers to work on them to develop their apps for the upcoming Operating System Update. They are highly unstable and are not recommended to be used on daily base usage.

macOS Catalina Features

Let us take a look at all the features that macOS Catalina shall feature in the coming Fall.

RIP iTunes

Over the years, on Mac iTunes has been the default music player. But with the increase in different services provided by Apple and launch of Apple Music, Apple shall discontinue iTunes in macOS Catalina. Which means, until you upgrade, you can use macOS Catalina. After the upgrade, you shall not be able to see iTunes ever again.

Apple Music, Apple TV and PodCast

Apple has planned to replace iTunes with three different apps on macOS Catalina. As you know, with iTunes, you could listen to Music, watch Movies and listen to Audio Books or Podcasts. Now, for each function you have a different App.

For listening to music, you have a separate Music app, which features Apple Music. For watching movies and streaming Movies, you can use Apple TV. Which is being premiered on macOS Catalina. And finally, for Podcasts you have the Apple Podcasts app. These all three apps, shall be synced across all your devices via iCloud.

Photos App

With the even more advanced Siri and AI, the new Photos App shall analyse all your Photos and show the best moments and best captured pictures. It can now analyse Birthdays, Anniversary and Special Events. This according to Apple, can be helpful in cherishing memories and take a look at the old shots on your device.

Notes App

The Notes app on macOS Catalina is updated to improve productivity. There is a new grid view added, which enables you to easily find what you’re looking for and share it instantly it. Also, now you can create shared folders. All the notes in the shared folder can be shared with another person or group. Now, every time you check a check-list item to mark it, it shall move at the bottom of the list.

Reminders App

There is a all new UI for Reminders App on macOS Catalina. Now, it is even more easy to create, organise and maintain reminders. With help of advanced and new Siri, you can get suggestions from the Messages app on the reminders to add. You can even add attachments to your reminders now.

SideCar with Apple Pencil

One of the major features added to macOS Catalina is SideCar. Now, you can connect your iPad to your Mac and use it as an extended display. This can improve the work flow room and can help for improving the productivity. You can also, use an Apple Pencil to draw and work on projects on apps like – Illustrator.

Screen Time

If you’re using iOS 12, you must have an idea about what Screen Time is. It is an app that tracks the amount of time you spend on your Mac and analyses it. It tells you which apps you use the most, how much time you spend on what and more. You can also limit the time you spend on a particular app by setting a Time Limit.

Unlock via Apple Watch

Now you need no enter password for certain unlocks on your Mac. You can have your Apple Watch do it for you. Like, to unlock notes or authenticate, just double press the side button on your Apple Watch and you’re good to go.

Find My

An all new app which is the outcome of combination of Find my iPhone and Find my Friends. It allows you to track your devices under one iCloud ID from your Mac, iPhone or iPad. It is a common app on all three devices and can be very helpful at times.

Limited Communication [Parental Control]

If you get your child a Mac, now you control whom does it talk or communicate with. There is an additional feature added to macOS Catalina which allows you to control and select a set of people whom your child can communicate with.


These are the features and information provided by Apple about the upcoming macOS Catalina. However, there are going to be couple of updates and addition and subtraction before the final version is rolled out.

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