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iPhone XS Max vs. Galaxy Note 9 Speed Test – iOS takes the Lead


Like every year, people tend to compare the top flag-ship devices of each company (Apple and Samsung, mainly). This year of something similar, so PhoneBuff came up with a speed test for both the iPhone Xs Max which is the latest flag-ship from Apple and Galaxy Note 9 which is from Samsung. Both of these devices being the larger screen devices, it was pretty interesting to take a look at the test.

But, PhoneBuff used a robotic arm to eliminate the human error, because often there are possibilities that an app isn’t clicked properly and fails to identify to open. That’s why I guess using a Robotic Arm was an amazing idea.

Giving you some insights from the last year’s test, iPhone 8 Plus lost over Galaxy Note 8, majorly being due to lower RAM in the device due to which it couldn’t keep the apps open and running in the background.

Before beginning with the test for this year between iPhone Xs Max and Note 9, I would like you all to take a look at the configurations of both the devices.

Now, moving forward with the test, the test will be having 2 rounds, first one to launch 16 apps and the second one to relaunch them in a reverse order to check if the apps start right from where they were left open or they had to load all again.

And talking about the results now, the iPhone Xs Max won over Galaxy Note 9. iPhone was able to load all the apps faster than Note 9, expect Facebook and Starbucks, for the second round, iPhone was able to keep-up all the apps running in background to start right from where they were left open expect StarBucks.

Take a look yourself :

I guess iPhone got the lead due to the additional 1 GB of RAM added this year combined with the faster optimisation of iOS 12. But it was pretty fascinating to know about the performance of both the devices.

But the issue now is that, these test do they actually matter to a normal person using these phones? I don’t think so. Might be to ones who stay active on Social Media a lot and keep switching apps during the day. Now, I need to know from you all, which device do you think is better and you would prefer to get your hands on?

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