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iPhone Xs Max not Charging Automatically when Lightening Cable in Plugged in ft. Unbox Therapy


Apple comes out with a new flag-ship smartphone every year. This year’s phones were the all new iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max. These devices started shipping to the customers since a weeks time now and all of a sudden there are a huge number of people owning an iPhone Xs Max complaining that their iPhone doesn’t start to charge automatically when they plug in the power cable.

So, what’s happening is that the iPhone users are not able to charge their phones. This is because usually you think that your phone is charging when you plug that power cable in but the iPhone Xs Max seems to have some issue with that. People have to manually wake the screen and even in some cases reinsert the cable in order to make their iPhone Xs Max charge.

Unbox Therapy received couple of notifications from his subscribers and so he thought to try this own his own. He tried this on all 8 iPhones available in his studio and shot a video all about it explaining what exactly is happening. Most of the iPhones exhibited the same issue – wherein until the screen was turned on the device would not charge.

He named this as “ChargeGate“, wherein the symptoms seem to be a little weird. As until the iPhone’s screen is not manually turned on with help of the power button or the raise to wake feature the iPhone wouldn’t charge.

It often happens that there is some issue with a particular phone, but this time this is a major issue with I guess the entire lot/batch of a particular production.

But there have been no updates from Apple on this yet and we are eagerly waiting for Apple to comment upon this, as a person spending more than a $1000 for a smartphone does means a lot and than not being able to perform the basic function of charging can be a head-ache for some out there. Mean while Apple responds to the issue, are you the one who’s iPhone Xs Max is facing the same issue? Please share with us in the comments down below.

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