iPhone Xr Sales Begin but no Clear iPhone Xr Case on Sale


As you all know that the all new iPhone Xr is up for sale. All the pre-orders are delivered and the in-store purchase has also begin. But this time there is something missing in an iPhone launch. Any guesses, what can it be?

This time the Official Apple cases for the new iPhone Xr are missing. Yes, if you had taken a visit recently to an Apple Store you must have noticed that there are no official Apple cases for iPhone Xr up for sale.

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iPhone Xr Sales Begin but no Clear iPhone Xr Case on Sale

Macotakara visited the Nagoya Sakae Apple store in Japan, he went there to take a look at the launch event of the iPhone Xr. Are people excited for the iPhone Xr or no. To his surprise there were only 5 people in the queue for grabbing their hands-on the new iPhone Xr.

Although, there were all the six colours in stock – Yellow, Coral, White, Blue, Black and Product (RED). But there were no signs of the Official Cases for the iPhone Xr. He was unable to find a single Official Case, in the case section there were Official Cases for the iPhone Xs and below them were few third-party cases for the iPhone Xr but no Official Cases.

If you missed it, some time ago we as well as media in many countries reported that Apple shall launch a Clear Case for the iPhone Xr, which shall allow the users to protect the iPhone as well as allow the users to show their iPhone Xr’s colour back panel.

Anyway, it is very strange for Apple to not launch or announce any first-party or Official Case for the new iPhone Xr. Because cases are something that help you to enjoy the feel of your iPhone as well as protect it, both at the same time.

But it might be possible that Apple launches the Clear Case or the Official Cases during the Special Apple Event taking place on the 30th October in New York City.

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