iPhone Wireless Charger – AirPower is back?

Apple wireless charger - AirPower could not be released due to the excessive heating problems. And Apple did not want to take the chance of risking their user's life. But AirUnleashed is a similar looking alternative to AirPower. Let us check it out.

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AirPower. One of the most hyped products from Apple. AirPower is an iPhone Wireless Charger which Apple announced back in September 2017 but the product never saw the light day of the day.

There have been a lot of update and information rolling out about AirPower. Everyone over the internet was talking about AirPower and yet there was no word from the company [Apple]. Over the years, when there was no word from Apple, people started to assume that there have been some problem with the product.

To the extant, we also did see some users having the AirPower print at the back of their new AirPods 2 box. Also, there are instances where AirPower was seen on the official website of Apple. However, there is was no official word from Apple about AirPower cancellation.

Is AirPower Back?

Now, after a very long wait, we finally have something which looks similar to AirPower. The product looks like AirPower and has similar design. But it is from a third-party known as AirUnleashed. As mentioned, the design and looks are very similar to AirPower.

We can do say that AirUnleashed is a copy of AirPower, but the issue here is that the original product never reached the store shelve. It was just a design announced.

How is AirUnleashed different from AirPower?

The major difference is the objective of the product. AirPower was meant to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods irrespective of where ever you keep them on the pad. But this isn’t possible with AirUnleashed.

Apple tried to achieve that aim, but due to over heating it could not take the risk. While, AirUnleashed has in total of three coils in it. Each is meant for charging one of your device – iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. But if you do not place your Apple Watch in the centre, it wouldn’t charge. And the third device needs to be a small one in order to charge all three at the same time.

If you wish to charge two mobiles, you cannot charge the third one. There is space crunch and you need to decide accordingly to charge which device.

Does AirUnleashed Heat-up?

Yes, AirUnleashed does heat-up. Not just the charger, but your devices shall also heat-up while charging. I think that a wireless charger which is meant to charge three devices at the same time shall definitely heat-up. There is a lot of energy to be transferred and with such a less amount of space, there are huge possibilities of heating.

Fast Charging?

The speed of charging is not that fast. For charging an iPhone Xs Max along with Apple Watch, the iPhone can take up-to 5 hours to charge completely. The Apple Watch at the same time can take up-to 3 and a half hours to charge till 100%.

The above mentioned speed of charging does signify that AirUnleashed without any doubt is not a fast charger.

Worth the Price?

AirUnleashed is priced at US$ 99. With the features and the price, there is no power-adapter in the box. Which means, if you already do not have one, you will be required to buy one separately.

At the price tag of $99, there are a lot of alternatives to AirPower in the market. You can take a look at them – Best AirPower Alternatives.


If you’re one crazy fan of AirPower, you can definitely try out AirUnleashed. But at the price tag and what is being offered, I do think you should consider some great alternatives in the market. Apple however, failed to produce AirPower and release it. What do you call this? A good call or a failure?

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