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iPhone 9 Price starts $399 – Report from FastCompany

iPhone 9, the mysterious iPhone is around the corner and here is what all we know about it still now.


Since the day Apple announced iPhone X officially, along with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, there has been suspense about the iPhone 9. We all have been curious about where did the “nine” iPhone go and will it ever see the face of the earth?

But, now we might be just a month away from the official launch or announcement from Apple about the rumoured iPhone 9. However, there has been no official statement from the company. But there are a lot of rumours about the iPhone 9.

If you remember, iPhone SE in 2016 came out as a contingent. Not along with the annual flag-ship iPhone. And something similar is expected out of iPhone 9 this year as well.

iPhone 9 Price

According to a report from Fast Company this week, from their sources in China close to the Apple Facility. The pricing for the iPhone 9 shall start from $399. The storage capacity of the base model in $399 is not known to us.

Just for comparison, iPhone SE back in 2016 came out at a price tag of $399 with 16 GB storage. It featured the back-then latest flagship features at a smaller size format.

Apple currently sells the iPhone 8 64 GB for $449, and the expected price of the iPhone 9 is $399. Which means for $50 less, you can get a faster processor and an equivalent screen size.

iPhone 9 will be running the latest A13 chip from the iPhone 11 line-up but in a small size similar to iPhone 8.

That is all we know at the moment about the iPhone 9 features and price. As we get closer to the release, there is a possibility of knowing more about the device.

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