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iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12! Which iPhone should you buy?


Let’s have a comparison between iPhone 11 and iPhone 12,

So, with the iPhone 12 being available now the iPhone 11 got a nice price drop. I wanted to go over these two devices because I feel like you’re asking yourself should you pay 200 dollars more to buy the iPhone 12 instead and if you want me to end this review right now the answer is yes, this is one of those situations where the gap between the 11 and 12 is much bigger than the 11 pro and 12 pro like design alone is different like you have these phones with 6.1-inch displays but the iPhone 12 just feels so much more comfortable to hold it’s a smaller phone, you look at the bezels they’ve been reduced. so, that means the height of the phone has been reduced and the same with the width plus you have this boxy iconic look which many adore and it just feels much more comfortable to hold in your hand. So, if you’re that individual that felt the iPhone 11 was too big then you’re probably going to feel the iPhone 12 is more comfortable to use.

Now the biggest update is the display like this is one area that Apple upgraded between the 10r to the 12. Like we’ve seen this LCD panel before it’s an exquisite and color-accurate LCD panel with pretty good brightness at 625 nits which is the same as the iPhone 12, but the pixel density is quite low and when you start looking at both the side of the display by side and you’re reading a text you will start to notice that once you go to iPhone 12 you get higher PPI(pixels per inch) you get hdr(high dynamic range) you have a max peak brightness of 1200 so if you’re watching hdr content those bright spots will look good, and you have better blacks, and when you read stuff on this, it’s tough to go back to the iPhone 11. I’m not saying iPhone 11 has a bad display it’s just really hard to compare to the iPhone 12.


As for the camera, I feel that’s a smaller update compared to the display they both still got a wide lens and they both still have an ultra-wide lens and when you’re taking photos in everyday normal light it’s really hard to distinguish the differences between both of these cameras. I mean if you start using the wider camera there’s a bit of a difference at the edges they’re improved on the iPhone 12, but the differences are super minor the only time you will notice an improvement is when you start shooting in low light the wide camera on the iPhone 12 has a wider aperture of f 1.6 so theoretically it can let in more light, the night-time photos on the iPhone 12 do look better you can also shoot night-time wide shots with the wide camera or ultra-white camera rather where you couldn’t do that with the iPhone 11. It just didn’t have that night mode capability whereas the iPhone 12 does same with other things like night-time portrait mode, you can now do that on the iPhone 12 and have more light on your face compared to the 11.

Battery life is one area that the iPhone 11 is still doing better they reduce the size on the iPhone 12 due to the smaller form factor and even though there are improved efficiencies with the five nanometre a14 you just get better battery life on the iPhone 11. These are both still one-day phones like if I’m ending the day at sixty percent with the iPhone 11, I’ll probably end it with 45 on the iPhone 12.

Every year Apple introduces a new chip this year it’s the A14 it has 50 more GPU performance and the list goes on but both of these phones still use four gigabytes of ram and the A13 and the iPhone 11 is so ahead of its time it’s even faster than most android chips that I promise you you’re not going to feel a difference moving from the iPhone 11 to the iPhone 12 in terms of performance there’s nothing on the app store right now that can push the hardware that’s inside of here like these chips are ahead of its time so don’t let that be a determining factor when you’re deciding between both of these devices.

iPhone 12

Here’s something I didn’t expect iPhone 11 and 12 has a noticeable difference it’s not huge but the speakers on iPhone 12 have more dynamic range.

MagSafe we have magnets built into the new iPhone 12 and you have different accessories such as cases there’s going to be different mounts and a big one is this new MagSafe charger that can fast wirelessly charge up to 15 watts compared to the iPhone 11 and other iPhones that are older that do the maximum of 7.5 watts.

This new iPhone 12 is quite a bit thinner than the iPhone 11 even though it’s hard to tell in your hands because of the squared-off design and even on the camera, it’s hard to show that off because of how the glass is bent and goes up.

iPhone 12 has new ceramic shield glass which Apple says is four times stronger.


You can also notice a difference in viewing angle the iPhone 11 as soon as you twist it gets much darker it also gets bluer and you can see a good amount of reflections. Whereas iPhone 12 has fewer reflections and the brightness and colors stay very similar comparing the maximum brightness.


Apple is making a massive push here difference not only between 5g against 4g but the 4g that comes with the iPhone 12 is so much faster than the 4g LTE on the 11. That’s because these new iPhones are using QUALCOMM modems the very best in the market compared to the older iPhones which use much slower intel.


So, here’s the thing, I think for more than 200 dollars the iPhone 12 is a no-brainer. The screen alone is a massive upgrade then you combine all the little things I talked about earlier in the blog and it makes it a very compelling reason to spend the extra 200 dollars. However, if you can’t spend 200 dollars and maybe you can only spend a hundred dollars more than consider the iPhone 12 mini. It’s smaller but it has all the same features and functionality as the iPhone 12 and if you can’t afford 100 more and you’re stuck buying the iPhone 11 that’s okay too, iPhone 11 is still an awesome phone and if you have an iPhone 11 right now and you’re bombarded with this blog and you feel a little bit jealous than don’t, your phone is great and it will be great for the next two to three years.

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