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Apple iPhone 11 Max to have a Triple Camera Lens – Rumours

Apple always tries to bring out the best in their flag-ship iPhone. This year is something very similar, the iPhone 11 Max can have a triple-lens camera. Adding the wide-angle for the wider shots on iPhone. Let's grab more details on the upcoming iPhone 11.


Like every year, Apple comes out with one flag-ship iPhone. Last year’s iPhone Xs, was very similar in body style to the previous iPhone X. iPhone X was a major change in the iPhone line-up and after that Apple has been rigid to use the same layout with few minor changes.

This year, the company’s flag-ship mobile, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max are in rumours. Though, we shall have more solid claims later during the year and when we will be close to the launch of the iPhone 11. But till then, let us focus on the rumours we have as of now.

iPhone 11 Rumours

There have been new rumours being rolled out every alternative day, but not every rumours is correct. Many are just few mock-ups build for trials or just for fun by a customer / fan / designer.

Similar is the case with iOS 13, you can read about iOS 13 rumours and possible features of iOS 13 right here.

iPhone 11 Triple Camera Layout

Recently, there was a CAD design leaked from the Foxconn Factory in China, where every year iPhones are manufactured. The leaked images were uploaded on a Chinese blog, which later was updated by SlashLeaks on their website.

The leaked image of the CAD file, does show the triple camera layout which shall be very positive news. The triple camera concept is in trend and Apple would not like to stay behind in the race.

The camera to be added most possibly be a wide-angel lens. Something very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S10. However, Apple iPhone’s are ahead in the camera game because of the rich image processing of the iOS.

iPhone 11 Leaked Images

In the above images you can see the middle plate of the upcoming iPhone 11 Max. This is the plate that is installed right below the back panel of the iPhone. The cut outs on this metal plate proofs that the iPhone 11 Max may have a triple camera lens layout.

Apart from the portrait camera, Apple is now adding the wide angle camera to the iPhone and there are chances it might be available only on the iPhone 11 Max. However, we have a lot of time until the iPhone launch and before that we shall receive a lot of more rumours and updates on these current rumours.

iPhone 11 Features Video

According to the rumours that have been rolled out as of now, Waqar Khan came up with a concept video of the upcoming Apple iPhone 11 and the over all design and layout looks very attractive.

The video covers all the looks and aspects of the probable so called iPhone 11 Max and later with further rumours we hope to see an updated version of the video as well.


According to the current rumours of the upcoming iPhone 11 Max, the iPhone may have a triple-lens layout with the similar body of the iPhone X. It is going to get even more exciting the way more and more details get rumoured and leaked of the upcoming iPhone 11.

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