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Apple Leaker suggests naming of upcoming 2019 iPhone, iPhone Pro?

Apple is soon going to launch the official iPhone for 2019. And before that we've some rumours and leaks to look at. The naming of 2019 iPhone, should be iPhone 11 or iPhone Pro?


Right before the launch of an Apple product, we get a lot of rumours about the product. Be it about the features, name, design, looks, etc. Something similar is happening with the upcoming 2019 iPhone. A reliable Twitter leaker, suggests that Apple should name the forthcoming 2019 iPhone as iPhone Pro.

The leaker is a reliable source for Apple leaks. He did also leak the naming of 2018 iPhones – iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr, days before official launch. Not just that, he also leaked the exact weight of the iPhone Xs Max.

iPhone 11 Leaks

Here is a new leak from him about the 2019 iPhone 11. Though, he did not provide the exact name but suggests Pro in the title, which is possible for Apple to use.

The name approach for 2019 iPhone can be iPhone Pro and iPhone, or it can be the numeric approach – iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max.

If it’s the Pro approach, we can see iPhone for iPhone 11 R and iPhone Pro for iPhone 11 Max. What do you think?

2019 iPhone Rumours

As of now, we do have a clear picture of the upcoming iPhone. The company is going to make it look very similar to the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max from the outside and adding wide-angle lens at the backside. Making it a square camera bump with a matte finish.

Also, along with a bigger battery, we can see a peer-to-peer charging technology, which users can use to charge their AirPods or other iPhone by placing it at the back panel of the iPhone 11 or iPhone Pro.

Apart from that, we will see a few internal upgrades. Replacement of A12 Bionic chip with the A13 chipset. Which will significantly improve the performance of the upcoming 2019 iPhone.

Pro is a naming suffix that Apple has been using for a long time. The company uses the suffix “Pro” to differentiate its line of products. “Pro” model products are for professional with pro features for colossal productivity.

Something Apple did with iPads and MacBooks, the company designated the high-end models as Pro models. As the professionals use these models for high-end technology and improve their productivity.

At this point, we are very close to the launch of 2019 iPhone and things can take a turn as well. Everything will be clear when Apple officially announces 2019 iPhone on 10th September 2019.

For now, what are your views on the naming approach? iPhone 11 or iPhone Pro? Let us know in the comments down below or share on Social Media and tag us – FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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