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iPadOS – The all new Operating System for iPad

Apple is very focused to ensure that their iPad users are working on their iPads and are very productive. iPads are the devices which are very powerful but unable to be productive due to lower compatibility. But with iPadOS, finally Apple has dropped the bar to allow users to work flawlessly on there iPads.


iPads have been in the market since a very long time but never got the special treatment they are receiving now. Apple finally has realised that iPad require something more than Mobile Operating System – iOS.

This is a major step on the increasing the productivity of iPads, as iPads are more than a Smart Phone and a little less than desktop computers or laptops. They definitely require special features that allows the users to do things more than what can be done on an iPhone.

iPadOS – iPad Specific Operating System

However, we knew that along with iOS 13, iPads were going to get more focus but no so much so that there’s an entire new operating system all-together. But now that we have iPadOS, why waste time on thinking about it rather let us discuss the features of the all new iPadOS.

There are a lot of new features added to the iPadOS which ensures that the users workflow is improved and the productivity is increased.

iPadOS Compatible Devices

During the WWDC 2019, Apple confirmed that all the iPad Air 2 and later, all iPad Pro models, iPad 5th generation and later, and iPad mini 4 and later shall be able to upgrade to iPadOS later this Fall.

If you’re yet confused that your iPad will be able to get on to iPadOS this year or no, than you shall take a look at the below list to ensure.

The following iPads will get an update to iPadOS later this year.

  • iPad Pro 12.9 (2018)
  • iPad Pro 12.9 (2017)
  • iPad Pro 12.9 (2015)
  • iPad Pro 11 (2018)
  • iPad Pro 10.5 (2017)
  • iPad Pro 9.7 (2016)
  • iPad Air (2019)
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad (2018)
  • iPad (2017)
  • iPad Mini (2019)
  • iPad Mini 4

In case your iPad is not listed on the below, this shall be the last version or the last update for your iPad. There shall be no more updates for your iPad from iOS 12.

iPadOS Release Date 

Every year Apple rolled out the public release of iOS during Mid-September. This year as well, it is expected to be the same timeline. As mentioned by Apple during WWDC 2019 that iPadOS shall be available to the public “This Fall”.

Which means that we can expect the public release somewhere near Mid-September or Late-September.

iPadOS Beta

As soon as Apple announced iPadOS, the company also released it’s first beta to the Registered Developers. In case, you’re also registered with the Apple Developer Program, you can update your iPad to iPadOS via OTA or IPA File.

But you should ensure to back-up your iPad before doing that, as these are not stable versions, Beta are for developer testing and for them to update their apps to use the latest features and ensure app stability for smooth transition while the new Operating System is rolled out. You can do so, by following this guide to How to Backup your iPad to iTunes.

You can however, expect Apple to roll out a Public Beta somewhere in July. This is a new concept used by the company to get in puts from Public Testers, who are not a part of the Apple Developer Program. These versions are usually more stable and usable.

iPadOS Features

There is a lot to be talked in this part, let us take a in-depth look at each one of the features that one shall get when updating to the latest iPadOS.

Dark Mode

The most hyped feature of iPadOS or iOS 13 was Dark Mode. It was first seen in macOS Mojave and after which everyone loved it. Apple has done a great job by adding Dark Mode to iPadOS, the amount of details added are huge. Every app has been updated to be in sync with the all new Dark Mode.

It helps you to reduce pressure on your eyes while using your iPad during night. The lower lighting due to Dark Mode and it helps to improve battery life as well. As the LED panel does not have to light up for black colour.

Photos App

There is a separate tab called Photos added to the Photos App. It helps you provide a good over-view of the all the photos on your iPad. You can sort your photos via, Day, Week, Month and Yearly pattern and the app with Siri Intelligence shows you the best moments captured during that time. It can be very helpful for people to take a complete over-view of the photos on their iPads.

Side-Over and SplitView

One of the trending features of iPadOS is the new Side-Over and SplitView. Now, you can have multiple apps under the side-view window. Which is similar to multi-tasking in the Side-View, this ensures to work with multiple apps at the same time for smooth workflow.

Multiple Windows

Now, you can open multiple windows of the same application with iPadOS. This is similar to working on a desktop or a computer and having been able to open multiple windows of the same application. It allows the user to work on multiple tasks, all at the same time.

Fixed Widgets

Now with iPadOS you can add Fixed Widgets to the Home Screen of your iPad. This can very helpful at times, when you need to take a quick look at certain data which is now available right at your home screen.

Full-Page Markup

In iPadOS, you get an option to capture the screenshot of any document, screen, email, webpage and the capability to mark-up anywhere around it. It is very helpful when you’re sharing certain data across with someone, you can can use mark-up to add custom notes.

Side Car with macOS Catalina

Now with iPadOS and macOS Catalina, you can use your iPad as an extended display and increase your workflow screen. You can also use your Apple Pencil, paired to your iPad and use it as an additional touch screen display.

Text Editing

There are a couple of additional features in iPadOS with regards to Text Editing. Apple has added new hand gestures to simply copy, paste and undo anywhere in iPadOS. It makes it easy for moving data and playing around with your hands. Though, you need to be very careful in case of gestures.

In order to move the cursor, you no longer need to long press, move the magnifying glass and drop at the point required. Now easily you can move the cursor with one tap to where-ever required. For selecting text, quickly you can just drag your finger and the text shall get selected.

To select a word, tap on it twice, thrice in order to select the entire sentence and four times to select the entire paragraph.


Now with iPadOS, Apple has added a new Keyboard layout, commonly known as Swipe Keyboard. Called QuickPath Typing, it allows you to swipe between letters to type a word without lifting your finger.

Also, now you can shrink the size of the keyboard in order to get extra room for the apps and type from a single hand. It makes it easy to operate as well as handy. However, you can choose to buy Apple Smart Keyboard in order to get a physical keyboard for your iPad.

Font Management

Now with iPadOS, you can finally download custom fonts over the Internet and install them to use anywhere throughout the Operating System. Until now, it was just the native Apple Fonts and couple of others provided by Apple. But now, you get a higher level of customisation for your projects.

Files App

Apple has updated the Files App, with the improved productivity, now with iPadOS you can do more with Files App. Saving Files, Downloading over the Internet and working on them right from your iPad. The new Files App, provides more information about a particular document and options for editing. You can also add server folders or shared folders to work with them and keep others in the loop.

After years of waiting period, Apple finally allows you to connect external drives to your iPad. You can use external drives, as similar to your computer. Read, Copy and Paste data to or fro the external drive.


Safari has been improved as well. Now it allows you to load desktop-view sites on your iPad. This provides a better view and usage of webpages.

Also, Apple now allows you to download finals over the internet. There is an added, Safari Download Manager for the same. You can download any file and save it to Files App for further use.

with Apple

You would have often seen websites provide an option to sign-in or sign-up with your social media accounts. Apple has planned on something similar, with a view to protect your identity and privacy. Apple has made it compulsory for Apps to provide an option to Sign-in with Apple.

Apple now shall ask you to share your email with the App or hide it. In the second case, it shall create a virtual email address and register with the app. And all the emails from the App shall route through the Virtual Email Address and forward to your original Email ID.

These Virtual Email Address shall be random and not visible by Apple as well. This step according to Apple shall improve the Privacy of the users on their Apple Device.


With iPadOS, Siri is more advanced. The voice is 100% computerised by speech-to-text technology.

Downloads & Performance

In iPadOS, now apps load up-to 2X faster. All the App downloads from App Store are reduced by 50% in size.

Face ID is even more faster. You can expect a 30% improvement in FaceID performance. Faster log-ins into your smart phones, ensures no lags.


We did know that Apple shall added focus for iPad with the upcoming iOS 13 but we did not expect nor had any rumours about an all-new operating system for iPads – iPadOS. It is sure thing that with iPadOS, iPad users will be able to improve on their productivity and work much more easily on more projects.

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