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iOS 13 – Release Date, Features, Beta – Everything you need to know!

Now that WWDC 2019 is over. We have all the information about the upcoming iOS 13, one of the most advanced Operating Systems for Mobile. However, there was a lot of information available prior to WWDC but Apple did surprise us with additional details and features. Let us take a look at all of them.


iOS is the most powerful mobile operating system, which is solely developed by and owned by Apple Inc. Every year, Apple roles out a newer version to the mobile Operating System with the overall aim of improving user experience and making the Operating System as user friendly as possible.

Finally, after WWDC 2019, we have all the information right with us. Though are a lot of added surprises. Apple is known for surprising it’s customers and developers. iOS 13 is a very big update in-terms of the added features and performance.

Last year, when Apple announced iOS 12, there were lot of bugs accompanied with it. Which forced the company to work on it on urgent bases and role out updates to resolve the issue.

For the reason which, Apple has started working on future updates at the same time. Also, the developers have started working on updating their Apps with the upcoming iOS 13. This shall ensure a smooth transition from iOS 12 to iOS 13.

iOS 13 Rumours

As of now, there are no public announcements from Apple’s side. But as always there are many freelancers who have been predicting the upcoming features of iOS every year and this year as well we’ve lots of rumours about the upcoming iOS 13.

But no all the rumours can be true, we’ll get to know only once Apple speaks about it publicly. As mentioned earlier, the company is working simultaneously on many updates and that’s why we do not know which all features shall be the part of the first version of iOS 13.

iOS 13 Release Date

There is a fixed pattern that Apple has been following between the announce date and the launch date of it’s operating systems. The pattern is something like this :

  1. Beta
  2. Public Beta
  3. Golden Master
  4. Public Release

This year also, we expect Apple to follow the same pattern. So, on the bases of the last year’s release pattern, this year we can see have iOS 13 to be publicly launched by mid-September or late September along with iPhone 11.

  • Beta – 3rd June
  • Public Beta – July
  • Golden master – Early September
  • Public Release – Mid/Late September

iOS 13 Compatible Devices

Every year there is a range of Apple devices which aren’t compatible with the latest version of iOS due to their hardware not supporting the requirements of the latest version of iOS.

As disclosed by Apple during the WWDC 2019, this year the below mentioned devices shall only support iOS 13. Which means you, if you own any of the device not mentioned below, you shall not receive iOS 13 Software Update.

The below mentioned devices are excluded from iOS 13:


  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone Xr
  • iPhone Xs
  • iPhone Xs Max


  • iPod Touch 7th Generation

You shall be wonder where is the iPad list? But if you did not watch WWDC 2019, you would be surprised that this year onwards iPad shall have their specific Operating System – iPadOS. So, they shall all be running on iPadOS rather than iOS 13. For knowing if your iPad shall get iPadOS update or not, you can link here.

iOS 13 Beta

Right after the WWDC 2019 ended, Apple released iOS 13 Beta to their Registered Developers. If you are a registered developer with the Apple Developer Program, you shall update your iPhone or iPod 7th Gen to iOS 13.

If you’re not a registered developer with Apple Developer Program, you can follow out guide on How to Install iOS 13 Beta without Developer Account.

However, if you choose to wait until July, you can register yourself for Public Beta. Public Beta are launched by Apple to get suggestions and feedbacks from non-registered and public testers. This helps them to improve the software and ensure least bugs in the Public Release.

Beta contains lots of bugs and these bugs aren’t for daily use purpose. However, if you wish to, make sure to take complete backup your iPhone. Read more about How to Backup your iPhone.

iOS 13 Features

There are a plenty of features to discuss, no wonder iOS 13 is a big announcement from Apple. They have added a lot of features to the upcoming iOS 13 and we shall take a look at each one of them.

Dark Mode

Start right from the very first feature, Dark Mode. It was pretty confirmed that iOS 13 will feature Dark Mode after all the leaks and rumours. The Dark Mode on iOS 13 makes the over all looks amazing. Apple has focused on the details and everything is on point.

You can easily turn on Dark Mode from Control Centre or set Automatic timings for the night. Let us take a look at few Apps in Dark Mode.

Photos Update

Apple has added a lot new ways to edit your photos. Portrait Lighting being one of them. It allows you to adjust the lighting effect which seems to be very similar to an actual studio light change settings.

Apart from that, Apple has also added a new monochrome called High-Key Mono.

There is an additional tab added in the Photos App, called Photos. It provides a better view of the best moments from each day, week, month and year. This helps to cherish the beautiful moments captured but not viewed later.

with Apple

You would have often seen websites provide an option to sign-in or sign-up with your social media accounts. Apple has planned on something similar, with a view to protect your identity and privacy. Apple has made it compulsory for Apps to provide an option to Sign-in with Apple.

Apple now shall ask you to share your email with the App or hide it. In the second case, it shall create a virtual email address and register with the app. And all the emails from the App shall route through the Virtual Email Address and forward to your original Email ID.

These Virtual Email Address shall be random and not visible by Apple as well. This step according to Apple shall improve the Privacy of the users on their Apple Device.


With iOS 13 Siri is more advanced. The voice is 100% computerised by speech-to-text technology.


Apple has added data from 4 Million Miles to enhance the Maps experience. Maps App UI has been updated to make it more user friendly as well as easy to operate. Your frequently visited places are a swipe away, also you can now share real-time ETA to your contacts.

There is a lot more data available about your locality now. Also, there is an added 3D experience view. This feature is similar to Google Earth.

Siri Shortcuts

Siri Shortcuts on iOS 13 are advanced. Now, the app analyses your usage over a period and suggests your short-cuts. These short-cuts are based on the automated tasks which can be completed by Siri on a command.

Pair Two AirPods

iOS 13 now allows you to pair two AirPods at the same time and share music with your Friends.

QuickPath Typing – Swipe Keyboard

After a long wait, we finally have a swipe keyboard on iOS. With iOS 13, Apple has added a Swipe Keyboard called “QuickPath Typing”. The functionality though remains the same.

Downloads & Performance

In iOS 13, now apps load up-to 2X faster. All the App downloads from App Store are reduced by 50% in size. Also, Apple has now removed the Cellular Data Download Limit. Now you can download an App of any size over Cellular Data.

Face ID is even more faster. With iOS 13, you can expect a 30% improvement in FaceID performance. Faster log-ins into your smart phones, ensures no lags.

Share Sheet

In iOS 13, the share sheet for sharing a Picture has been updated with a new UI and Siri Intelligence. Siri now observes your activities and provides suggestions in the recent section with the Contact name and Sharing App. This can ensure faster sharing and smooth functioning.


Without any doubt the Music App looks amazing with the Dark Mode. Along with that, Apple has also added Real-Time Lyrics option to Music. So, as you listen to songs, you need not scroll and match. Instead, Siri does the work for you and show the lyrics being sung.


We have the details about the upcoming iOS 13. Over the coming weeks, we have shall get to know more about iOS 13, Apple shall add or remove few features over the upcoming Betas. And as always during the WWDC 2019 Apple did add a bunch of features which did surprise us.

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