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iOS 13 Features Contest – Win Amazon Voucher! (ENDED)

Why just watch the WWDC 2019 event, when you can stand a chance to win an Amazon Voucher worth US$20!


Finally the time is here. On Monday, 3rd June, Apple is going to unveil the upcoming iOS 13. Along with macOS, watchOS and tvOS. But the most awaited of all is the iOS 13. While there is some time left for the unveil, we thought why not make it a little more fun for the Apple Lovers around the globe.

So, we thought to run a contest about the upcoming iOS 13 and the person who guesses the most features right shall win an Amazon voucher.

iOS 13 Feature Contest with iDeviceGuide

In case you are an Apple fan boy / girl, you shall be reading about all the rumours and the news about the upcoming iOS 13. There is a lot of that is going to come on the table that it looks like right now. We, ourselves are pretty excited about the announcement of iOS 13.

But at the same time we wanted to make the announcement a little more fun for you all. Why just watch the WWDC 2019, when you can take your chances and choose for the upcoming features of iOS 13 and stand a chance to win an Amazon Voucher.

It is not going to be some rocket science, a pretty simple contest. No many rules or guidelines, a simple contest that can make you win quick cash – $20 / INR 1,000. So, if you’re an Indian and win the contest, you shall receive an INR 1,000 Amazon Voucher. But if you’re from United States or any country outside India, you shall get an Amazon Voucher worth US$ 20.

How to Enter the Contest?

The entry to this contest shall be very easy and you can increase your chances by using different methods. The more the entries, the more chances to win, along with the correct guess.

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Contest Form


When will be the Result Announced?

The result shall be announced after the contest ends on 3rd June, right before WWDC 2019 begins. And the result shall be announced on 4th June 2019.

How will be the Winner Selected?

The main criteria to win this contest is to make the maximum right selections of the possible features coming to iOS 13. If there are more than one person who have selected the maximum right features, we shall pick on at random and announce the winner.

How will we contact you, if you win?

While filling the form, you shall be providing your email id. Once the result is announced, we shall write and email to you. You shall need to confirm few details and we’ll email you the Amazon Voucher.

But in case you do not reply to the email within next 48 hours, we shall choose a random next person and contact them.

Punit Khatrihttps://ideviceguide.com
Founder and Editor-in-Chief. Punit is an Apple fan boy who loves to cover all news related to Apple and it's latest devices. Constantly trying to help the general public by sharing content that makes it simple and easy for them to understand the latest technology and the updates around.


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