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iOS 13 Developer Beta Hidden Features

iOS 13 Developer Beta is leaking details about Apple's future plans. The recovery mode screen displays a MacBook with USB Type - C cable. Is Apple planning to add USB Type - C to iPhone 11 or can provide a USB Type - C to Lightening Cable inside the box along with a Fast Charger?


On 3rd June, Apple released the upcoming iOS 13‘s first beta to the registered developers. It is meant for testing of developers and to upgrade their application and get the ready for the upcoming iOS version. But however, iOS 13 Developer Beta code does contain some hidden features.

Using the Developer Beta for what is new or to identify some of the hidden features that Apple might have added but did not mention on the stage. That is the time many of the small details reveal big up-comings.

However, if you haven’t installed and tried iOS 13 on your iPhone and are willing to do so, follow our guide on How to Install iOS 13.

iOS 13 Developer Beta Hidden Features

If you’re aware, an iTunes logo along with a lightening cable appears on your iPhone when it enters recovery mode. There are few changes Apple has made to that screen. Which does reveal something that we can expect to come out or release this Fall.

As you can see in the above tweet, the logo has been replaced with a MacBook and something which looks similar to a USB Type – C cable tip. There are two possibilities here, either Apple can use USB Type – C on iPhone or produce a Lightening to USB Type – C cable.

The chances of having an iPhone with USB Type – C aren’t very high. Though we have seen Apple moving from Lightening Cable to USB Type – C on iPad Pro and MacBooks. Which does make sense because USB Type – C is more powerful and convenient to access as compared to Lightening.

However, having to see a Lightening to USB Type – C cable is much higher. As this can allow Apple to add a fast charger for iPhone, in the box. As of now, iPhone Xs Max having a 3,000+ mAh battery is also shipped with a normal 5W Charger.

This can help people save a lot of time, as being able to charge your iPhone with a massive battery quickly rather than holding a power bank in your pocket or a thick battery case.


As of now we have a lot of time in hand, also there are a lot of iOS 13 Developer Beta yet to be released. We can get to know more about the upcoming iPhone 11 with the launch date coming closer.

What are you looking for in the upcoming iPhone 11, comment below.

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