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iOS 13 with Dark Mode Enabled Exclusive Screenshot via 9to5Mac

Apple always tried to keep their upcoming announced secure but by one way or another there is always leaks before we head for the official announcement. Reported by 9to5Mac today we have iOS 13 Dark Mode Screenshots.


We are pretty close to the annual World Wide Developer Conference held by Apple to announce it’s upcoming iOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS. The conference is going to take place on 3rd June, 2019 as announced by Apple in their Special Invites sent.

The major update that we have been waiting for from the WWDC 2019 is iOS 13. There are a lot of new features to be added and looks to be changed. And a week before the official announcement their are few iOS 13 screenshot that have been leaked.

As reported by 9to5Mac, the screenshot are of the upcoming iOS 13, featuring the all new Dark Mode on iOS 13 and some new changes.

iOS 13 with Dark Mode Screenshots

As you can see the screenshots, talking about the dock first. There isn’t much of a change than the background effect, which is darker with the Dark mode. Apart from that, there are no major changes to the Home Screen.

Moving to the second screenshot, it shows the Music App with the new Dark Mode. The overall look of the app is totally different due to the Dark Mode. According to me, the Dark Mode makes the App look even more attractive. Not forgetting about the advantage of Dark Mode with OLED panels. It can help boost the battery life, as the OLED panel doesn’t need to light up the black pixels.

In the third screenshot we can see the ScreenShot Layout, the new layout displays a dull and lighter version of the screenshot in the background as compared to the grey one. Also, there is an improvement in the tool icons as compared to the previous versions.

New Reminder App in iOS 13

In the screenshot of the all new iPad Pro, you can see the all new and updated Screenshot of the Reminder App. The company has added a side-bar to the app which helps to segregate the reminders in a better and modern manner. The added icons and buttons makes the app look attractive. The bigger icons also makes it handy and easy for the user to use the app and enhance their experience.

Find My App

Location tracking applications previously known as “Find my iPhone” and “Find my Friend” are going to merger into one single application, called Find My. This app shall come along with the iOS 13. There is a huge probability that the company shall merge the data of the two apps and built a single app for the same usage.

Devices owned by the Owner in one column and the devices of their friends in another. This makes it easy to keep a check and control two apps at a time.


Apple is going to announce the all new iOS 13 on 3rd June 2019. There are going to be a lot of new Updates and Softwares being announced. Also, at the same day the company roles out the first Beta Version of the softwares to be used by App Developers to test their apps.

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