iOS 13 will Notify you when you Delete an App with an Active Subscription

Apple's upcoming iOS 13 can now help you save money. Just by reminding you to un-subscribe from an app when you delete it. This ensures that you do not pay for the app even after deleting it and not using it. This is an added feature found in iOS 13 Beta 2.

ios 13 subscription popup

Apple has been trying over the year’s to ensure the best user experience on iPhones. The same Applies to App Store purchases as well. With iOS 13, now you will be notified when you delete an app with an active subscription.

There is a possibility that you might delete an app from your iPhone and forget about the subscription of that app. So, in order to avoid that from happening, iOS 13 will notify you if you delete an app having an active subscription. This can help you to cancel the subscription or continue using the app.

This feature was first seen on iOS 13 Beta 2. In case, you aren’t aware, Apple has released the pre-release version to it’s registered developers 2 weeks ago. And today the company pushed iOS 13 Beta 2 to registered developer with added features and improved performance.

iOS 13 App Subscription Pop-up

The notification goes something like this:

Do you want to keep your subscription for this app?

Your subscription to MLB At Bat can still be used on other devices. It will automatically renew on Jun 28th, 2019 unless canceled at least a day before.”

As you might have noticed, there is a reminder for you to cancel the subscription. But you can check, if you’ve paid for the month, you might want to use the app and later a day prior to the renewal day you can cancel the subscription.


Apple is very particular about few things and ensuring that their customer’s do no pay extra on subscriptions not used by them, can be one. Also, the company had made chances to the process of subscription, this did add an extra layer of confirmation to subscribe.

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