How to Install iOS 13 Beta 2 without Developer Account and Computer

iOS 13 Beta 2 has been rolled out two weeks later. Adding a couple of features and improving the performance are the key features of iOS 13 Beta 2. Apple now allows you to easily upgrade to Beta 2 without the need of Computer or IPSW File, via Over-the-Air [OTA].

install ios 13 beta 2

Right after two weeks of rolling out iOS 13 Beta 1, Apple today has rolled out iOS 13 Beta 2. This is the second beta in the Beta series and we shall see a couple of them until August. iOS 13 Beta 2 comes with added detailing, features and performance improvement.

Beta 2 was seeded to the registered developers running their iPhone on iOS 13 Beta 1. For installing Beta 1 you needed to follow the traditional method of flashing the IPSW via iTunes. But with Beta 2, you can install the Developer Profile and update Over-the-Air.

Which means, you no longer need to have a computer with Xcode 11 on it and latest version of iTunes and a 6GB IPSW file.

Install iOS 13 Beta 2 without Computer

The update process is simple and feels just like a normal software update. There are no complicated methods like in iOS 13 Beta 1.

Step 1 : Open this link on your iPhone

Step 2 : Scroll down and click Download under iOS Profile

Step 3 : Click on Allow to download iOS Beta Profile

Step 4 : Head to Settings, tap on Profile Downloaded

Step 5 : Click on Install and enter your iPhone passcode to install Beta Profile

Step 6 : After the profile is installed, click on Restart

Step 7 : After the phone restarts, head to General > Software Update

Step 8 : Click on Download and Install to install iOS 13 Beta 2

That’s it! We finally have iOS 13 Beta 2 running successfully.


There are many minor changes to iOS 13 Beta 2, right from Volume HUD to subscription pop-up. Apple has changed a lot of things, with the aim of making the iOS experience the best one. This series of improvement shall continue until we get the Golden Master version. As we discover more, we shall update you with all the new features. You can also let us know via Twitter @iDeviceGuide.

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