How to get Split Screen View on Mac

Switching apps can be a real headache at times. But now with help of the Split Screen View on Mac you can easily work on two apps, side-by-side. So, stop switching apps and start working Split View.

how to use split screen view mac

If you’re using a Mac and have to working on two different apps at the same time, you know how confusing it can be. Often it can also be frustrating to switch between apps. But with the Split Screen feature of macOS you can use two apps at once by splitting the screen.

While working on two apps, in case you need some information from the first app to the second one, you need to remember it and then type it. And there is a huge possibility of errors. But if you’re using the Split Screen feature, there are no such problems to tackle.

Apple has been working on improving the customer experience, and with every new version launch of macOS they improve the features and add few feature. This is very helpful for the users to get their work done on macOS.

How to use Split View on a Mac

It is an easy task to get the Split View on Mac. However, in case you’re new to macOS than it is possible you might loose a window or are unable to see it. But anytime, you can use the Mission Control to find that missing window.

Step 1 : Select the first application you would want to use for Split Screen on Mac.

Step 2 : Move your Mouse / Cursor towards to left corner of the window, you will be able to see three buttons. Red, Yellow and Green. We need the Green button for this process, tap and hold the Green button. Now the window shall expand / contract and you can choose between any half of the screen for the first window. Make sure you do not press the Green button, which will take the window into Full-Screen View.

Step 3 : Now, in the other half of the Split Screen View, you’ll be able to see the active applications, select the one you need. Now, you can use the Split Screen View for working simultaneously on two apps on Mac.

How to use Split Screen using Mission Control

There is a second method to get the Split Screen View using the Mission Control.

Step 1 : Select the first application you need for the Split Screen View.

Step 2 : Now, move the cursor towards the left top corner and tap on the Green Button. This will take the window into full-screen view.

Step 3 : Select the second application and go to Mission Control.

Step 4 : Drag the second application over the first application and select the half in which you want the application in. This will activate the Split Screen View on Mac.

Adjust Split Screen View

The Split View is not limited to just half-half ratio. You can adjust the screen space you need for each of the application. Whether you need 20-80, 30-70, 40-60 or 50-50, it is up to you and your working comfort.

It is pretty simple to adjust the screen space of each application, at the end it is you who need to get the best working experience and get the comfort while working.

While using the Split Screen View, you will notice a black bar in the middle of the screen. You need to click and hold the bar and adjust it for adjusting the view and the screen space of the apps.


Split Screen View is a great feature of macOS and can be very helpful at time. I often use it for taking a reference from some thing and work on something. It is handy and gives the feel of have two display’s attached to your Mac. Both working side-by-side.

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