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How to use Screen Time on iOS 12 on your iPhone & iPad


With the increasing use of smart phones, there were lot of health issues coming up. So, Apple took a major step for the same and came up with an amazing feature in it’s latest iOS update – iOS 12. This feature is known as Screen Time.

Screen Time not only allows you to set a time limit for a particular app to be used but it has a lot more ad-on features. So, in this article I’ll be sharing everything that you need to know to make the most use and get benefitted from this new feature of iOS 12 – Screen Time.

New Features and Update in Screen Time on iOS 12

The basic function of Screen Time is to tell you how long you use your phone in a particular day, not only the screen on time. But it shows you app wise time usage and you can figure out how much time of your day while using the phone goes to productive areas and how much time is wasted – like excessive use of Social Networking Sites.

Down Time 

Down Time is a feature of Screen Time which helps you to restrict certain apps after a certain time. Which means, you if want to use from phone till 10 pm in the night, so you get the limit as 10 pm, and if you try to use any of the mentioned apps after 10 pm, it’ll show you a message saying, you time limit has expired. But however you can yet ignore the message if you wish to use the app.

How to set-up Down Time under Screen Time on iOS 12

Step 1 : Open Setting > Screen Time

Step 2 : Click on Down Time

Step 3 : Turn Down Time “ON”

Step 4 : Set the start and end timing

That’s all, you’re good to use Down Time and you’ll get a reminder for Down Time 5 mins before the time set by you.

App Limit

App Limit is the second feature of Screen Time, which helps you set limits for certain apps so you don’t use those apps too much. As in, you don’t want to spend more than 1 hr of your day on Social Networking apps, so you can set the limit for the same and whenever you exceed the limit it’ll display a message “Your Limit has Expired

How to set-up App Limit under Screen Time on iOS 12?

Step 1 : Open Setting > Screen Time


Step 2 : Hit on App Limit

Step 3 : Now, click on Add Limit

Step 4 : Select the category of app you want to set limit for

Step 5 : Select the time you want to use those apps for in a day

Step 6 : You can also customise each Day Wise the limit

You’re all set to use App Limit now.

Allowed Apps

So, this feature of Screen Time helps you to select few apps which will be allowed access irrespective of any of the limits set.

How to Add Apps to Allowed Apps under Screen Time on iOS 12

Step 1 : Go into Settings > Screen Time


Step 2 : Click on Allowed Apps

Step 3 : Now, click on Add Apps and select the Apps you want to allow access always with no limits

Content & Privacy Restrictions

Content & Privacy Restrictions feature under Screen Time can helps parents set restrictions for their child’s access to certain Sites. This is all you need to know about Content & Privacy Restrictions in Screen Time.

How to set-up and use Content & Privacy Restrictions under Screen Time on iOS 12

Bingo, you can also add a password to your Screen Time Settings!

How to add password to Screen Time on iOS 12

Step 1 : Go to Settings > Screen Time

Step 2 : Click on “Use Screen Time Passcode”

Step 3 : Now, enter the Passcode you wanna set for Screen Time

So, guys this was all about the new Screen Time feature on iOS 12. It can help you a lot if you are addicted to your phone. I wanted to know how Screen Time helped you in your life and you can share that in the comment section down below!

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