How to Use iTunes Dark Mode on Mac or Windows 10 PC

iTunes Dark Mode for Mac and Windows

Managing the content of your iPhone was never an easy task. One must have iTunes on their computer to make any changes (to add or to remove material) to their iPhones. And you also should agree to it that handling iTunes earlier was not an easy task. It has been a little more complicated as compared to handling an Android device, where-in you copy and paste data to the in-built storage or the SD Card.

But with the upcoming updates and the music streaming service from Apple “Apple Music” iTunes is gaining more and more popularity. People now don’t just download iTunes to manage their iPhone’s or iOS devices’ data but as well as to stream music and videos. The content and playlists Apple Music provides is an excellent work of Ai.

Along with the latest version of iTunes 12.9 there are tons of new features added. The most amazing one with the help of macOS Mojave is the iTunes Dark Mode. The dark mode doesn’t just enhance the look and the charm of using the application but also gives it a royal feel. It is because no other music stream application out there has this feature.

But it is not only about the black love theme we all have, but it also helps reduce the pressure on our eyes while using our computer devices late during the night.

What is iTunes Dark Mode?

With the latest macOS Mojave, Apple officially launched a feature called the Dark Mode. What this feature does is that it turns all most everything dark. The colour contrasts, and the theme turned into darker black/grey colours. It includes your Dock, Search Bar, Menu Bar, Finder, Safari, iTunes, System Preferences, and lot more.

How to get iTunes Dark Mode?

It is not that of a complex process to activate Dark Mode on your Mac of Windows PC. You just need to follow these simple steps and you should be good to go.

iTunes Dark Mode on MacOS Mojave

Mac users got this update along with MacOS Mojave. It is a pretty easy task to enable the dark mode on your Mac, just follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1 : Click the Apple logo at the top left corner of your window.

Step 2 : Select System Preferences > General.

Step 3 : Under Appearance menu, select the Dark Mode preview.

Step 4 : Open iTunes and enjoy the Dark Mode.

This shall now activate the Dark Mode on your Mac including iTunes.

However, if you want to have dark mode only at night, you can go for Dynamic Desktop option to achieve that.

Step 1 : Go to System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver.

Step 2 : Select a desktop with two varient (day and night) icon; that’s a Dynamic Desktop.

iTunes Dark Mode for Windows PC

While getting the dark mode on macOS is very easy, due to the Apple Eco-system. But when we switch to windows, we do not understand that advantage. It is the reason why windows ten does not have iTunes Dark Mode yet.

There are a couple of third-party softwares that claim that they can do the require changes for you and allow iTunes Dark Mode on Windows PC. But let me inform you, such applications are malware filled. As soon as you install them, your PC might get malware attacks. So, it is better not to download and install them.

So, as of now, there is no iTunes Dark Mode for Windows PC, but we can still have faith in Apple to add this feature in iTunes for Windows.


So, after following those few steps you were able to successfully activate iTunes Dark Mode. I need to know your thoughts on the all new Dark Mode, are you enjoying it? Let us know in the comments down below.

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  1. Dear Punit Khatri,

    You wrote this article which means YOU wrote that it is NOT possible at this time to use dark mode on iTunes for Windows 10, so why did you include “Windows 10” in the title? You made it seem as if it was possible and you were going to explain how. That is clickbaiting: a VERY douchey thing to do.

    Also, no hate, just constructive criticism: Lay off the commas man! There is a lot of commas in here that don’t fit/make sense, and you started a couple sentences off with “So,” which you could have avoided and it would’ve been the same thing. You got potential though man, just letting you know. ” This is the reason, why windows 10 does not have iTunes Dark Mode yet.” See, you did not need to have a comma right there. It is grammatically incorrect.

  2. “So, as of now, there is no iTunes Dark Mode for Windows PC, but we can still have faith in Apple to add this feature in iTunes for Windows.”

    Lol yeah faith in apple. We have never had a dark mode in PC, what exactly gives you faith they will ever make such a common sense change.


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