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How to Use iMessage on Windows PC

iMessage is an Apple Eco-system, only messaging application. And if you've not got your hands on iMessage yet, you must try it once. The messaging app offers a variety of chatting and texting solutions. You can also use iMessage on a Windows PC, let us check it out.


I moved to the Apple eco-system in the year 2012, since that year it has been always been an addition to the eco-system. And one of the best thing about this eco-system is the messaging app. iMessage is the official messaging app of the Apple eco-system.

I absolutely love iMessage, first of all it is very minimalistic, has a lot of features yet looks simple. It was way too easy to chat with someone over iMessage if the other person is also from the same Apple eco-system. On top of that, Apple keeps on working to update the application every now and then with an objective to make it even more productive.

But with every good thing, there are always few issues. The major issue in case of this application is that anyone from outside the Apple eco-system cannot use it. Which means you need to use some other means to communication or chat with someone who is not the part of the Apple eco-system.

iMessage for Windows PC

There are way too many people using a windows PC, something that is an issue with me too. I have couple of Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook and a Windows PC. Everything else works pretty well expect the Windows PC, because it doesn’t have iMessage and I do not have access to any of the message on my Windows PC.

But there is always a way out. I went out to find some way which shall enable to use iMessage on Windows PC.

How to enable iMessage on Windows PC

The good thing again here is that there are more than one method of doing this, and you can go ahead with whichever is easy for you.

  1. VMWare
  2. Jailbreak
  3. iPadian
  4. BlueStacks
  5. Chrome Remote Desktop

1. iMessage for Windows using VMWare

For all those you aren’t aware of the name VMWare, VMWare is a Virtual Machine software that allows you to run an operating system inside an operating system. Which means, you can install MacOS Mojave on your Windows PC.

  1. Download VMWare & MacOS Mojave VMWare Image
  2. Use the MacOS Mojave Image to create a VMWare machine.
  3. Login with your Apple ID in iMessage.
  4. Start using iMessage on your Windows PC.

iMessage for PC Windows 10 with JailBreak

JailBreak is an option that sets your iOS device free from restrictions. You can do a lot more than what Apple officially doesn’t allows you to do. You can change the way your Home Screen looks, change your Lock Screen looks and lot more. This also allows you to use iMessage on Windows PC.

  1. Download RemoteMessages tweak on your JailBroken iPhone
  2. Setup the IP address with Server Port.
  3. Go to the IP Address with Server Port on your Windows PC.
  4. Log in with the credentials.
  5. Use iMessage on Windows PC.

iMessage on Windows PC using iPadian

iPadian is an Emulator Application, that allows user to use iOS looking operating system on their Windows PC.

  1. Download iPadian via the link here.
  2. Run iPadian Emulator
  3. Launch iPadian Emulator on your Windows PC.
  4. Open App Store on the Emulator and search for iMessage.
  5. Install iMessage App on your Windows PC.

iMessage for Windows using BlueStacks

BlueStacks is another emulator that helps users to run android applications on their Windows PC. This is pretty common now a days, people usually use it to run Whatsapp on their PCs when there was no Whatsapp Web.

  1. Download & Install Android BlueStacks emulator from this link.
  2. Open BlueStacks and look for iMessage in the search bar/on Google PlayStore.
  3. Download the iMessage app and Open it.
  4. Now you can use iMessage on Windows PC using BlueStack.

Using iMessage on Windows PC with help of Chrome Remote Desktop

This method is a little complex one as well as it requires you to have a Mac with you. Overall, in this process you Remote Mirror your Mac on your Google Chrome running on Windows PC to operate iMessage.


iMessage is one of the most used application in the world for chatting and communicating with others around the globe. People who are a part of the Apple Eco-System are enjoying the benefits of it, but people who are using a Windows PC are unable to do so. The issue gets more difficult when a person is a part of the Apple eco-system as well as uses a Windows PC. But by following the above process you can definitely get your hands on iMessage on Windows PC.

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