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How to Update to iOS 12 – Without Computer!


So, as you all know that Apple has officially now launched iOS 12, which means that it is that time of the year when you update the software of your iDevice which has some major chances and a lot of new features.

If you want to know more about iOS 12, check out this article – Apple Officially Launched iOS 12

Now, that you have grabbed information about the new software, it’s time to upgrade to the new software. There are two ways in which you can upgrade the software (iOS version) of your iDevice:

      • OTA – Also known as Over the Air Updates, this is a hands-free easiest way to update the iOS version of your iDevice. For updating via OTA all you need to do is head towards settings on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Go to General > Software Update

Here you’ll get an update for iOS 12 and you can go ahead and download the OTA update and it’ll be automatically be installed to your iDevice.

    • Using iTunes – The second method is to be performed via iTunes, so what you need to do is connect your iPhone to your Windows PC or Mac and open iTunes.

Click on the iDevice icon at the top left corner.

Click on Check for Update

Click on Download

Sit back and relax. Wait until the IPSW file is downloaded and than iTunes will automatically update your iDevice to iOS 12. Make sure you do not disconnect your device at any point in time during this process.

iDeviceGuide recommends to use Method 2 – Using iTunes, it is so because many times people when update their devices using OTA face issues more than ones who used iTunes to update. There are chances of some existing bugs to stay on your device if you use OTA method, where-as nothing such can happen in case of iTunes Update Method.

So, now it’s your call, let me know from the comment section below which method did you use and which is that one feature of iOS 12 that you loved.

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