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How to Update and Install iOS 13 on your iPhone

iOS 13 is finally here and so is the update guide for it. Are you ready for the new iOS 13?


During the September Event, Apple officially launched iOS 13 for the general public. Which means, you no longer need a configuration profile or any developer account access to update to iOS 13 and 13.1. You can easily go ahead and install iOS 13 on your iPhone.

Well, if you have an iPad, this time the case is a little different. You can no longer update to iOS 13.1, in place, you need to update to iPadOS 13. Here is our complete guide on How to Update to iPadOS 13.1.

Getting back to iOS 13.1, before you update your iPhone to the latest iOS version, you must ensure few steps. These steps will help you to smoothen the transition process of upgrading iOS version as well as protect your iPhone in case something goes wrong during the upgrade.

Prepare your iPhone for iOS 13.1

Every-time you update your iPhone, there is one thing which is very essential to do. I think you might have guessed it as of now, but if not, let us discuss. You must backup your iPhone before updating to iOS 13.1.

The main reason to backup your iPhone is to ensure that if something goes wrong, all your data is protected. We all know how important our data is in today’s world, it is something very important. And no one will like to lose their data, including messages and photos.

Which is exactly why, you should not even attempt to install iOS 13.1 without having a complete backup of your iPhone. You can backup your iPhone, either to iCloud or to your computer or Mac using iTunes.

As this is the first version iOS 13.1, there is a possibility that there might be few bugs while updating or anything else, which can be harmful for your iPhone. There is no need to take risk or to not take a backup, it is just an extra layer of protection.

Getting Ready for iOS 13

After you have backed-up your iPhone, you need to ensure few other things as well before you can install iOS 13.1.

You need to have a fast internet connection, as the update is a huge download file, it is recommend to have a fast internet connection. Which will in-turn reduce the download time and download the file quickly.

Also, your iPhone must be at-least fifty percent charged. For which, I would recommend you to put your iPhone on charge while the iOS 13.1 file is being downloaded. By doing so, you will no longer have to wait until for the iPhone to get 50% charged and right after the download is completed, you can begin with the installation process.

How to Install iOS 13

Now that you are ready, we can finally go ahead and update to iOS 13. The process remain very similar to a normal software update process. But, however, I wanted to share with you guys an article on How to Update and Install iOS 13.1.

Let us now start the installation process to install iOS 13.1.

Step 1 : Go to Settings on your iPhone

Step 2 : Scroll down and tap on General

Step 3 : Now, you would see the option for Software Update, tap on it

Step 4 : Wait for it to load iOS 13.1 update for your iPhone

Step 5 : Once the update is loaded, tap on Download and Install

Now, you need to wait. iOS will request the update and depending upon the traffic on the Apple server, your download will begin.

Once the download is complete, you will be required to tap on Install to begin installation of iOS 13.1.


Well, that about it. That is the entire process for you to update your iPhone and install iOS 13 on it. If you follow the guide, step-by-step, there should not be any problem during the process. However, if there is any trouble for you to install iOS 13.1, feel free to reach us or comment below and we will be happy to help you update your iPhone.

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