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How to turn off Haptic Crown on Apple Watch 4


With the launch of Apple Watch 4, Apple added a feature to the Digital Crown and the feature is Haptic Crown, where-in the crown provides a Haptic feedback when ever you scroll it up or down. There is a possibility that the people won’t like that, because you use the Digital Crown for many things to do on your Apple Watch and you don’t want to get that Haptic Feedback ever single time.

How to Turn OFF Haptic Feedback on Digital Crown on Apple Watch

In order to turn Haptic Feedback off, all you need to do is that follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. On iPhone, go to the Watch App. Scroll down and find Sounds & Haptics, tap it.
  2. Find Crown Haptics. Toggle the switch to the Off position.

Now that you have followed the above steps you no longer will get Haptic Feedback on your Apple Watch when you scroll the Digital Crown.

Luckily, Apple was good enough and smart as well to add this option to turn on or off Haptic Feedback for Digital Crown or else we would be left with no option than to get Haptic Feedback every-time you scroll the Digital Crown.

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