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How to Transfer Data and Contacts from Android to iPhone

Did you recently buy an iPhone? And looking to transfer data and contacts from Android to iPhone? Do not worry, with help of Move to iOS you can easily transfer contacts and data from Android to iPhone. Just follow the below guide to know how to use Move to iOS.


Year by year, there are many people who are moving from Android to iOS / iPhone. There are lots of advantages of Android and iPhone respectively. But overall if you’re a person who plans to use a Mobile for a longer period, I guess iPhone is the best choice.

This is because of the number of updates you get over the years as well as how easy it is to move data and contacts from Android to iPhone. Many people are not comfortable in moving from Android to iPhone due to the headache of moving the data.

But now, after Move to iOS application is launched on Play Store. It is very easy to move data and contacts from Android to iPhone. Which eliminates the issue of moving to iPhone.

How to Transfer Data and Contacts from Android to iPhone

There is no technical process involved to transfer data and contacts from Android to iPhone. It is a simple pairing process which can easily be done by anyone without having too much knowledge of technology.

Step 1 : On Android Mobile, go to Play Store and download Move to iOS App

Step 2 : Open Move to iOS App

Step 3 : On your iPhone Set-up process, under App & Data section, tap on Move Data from Android

Step 4 : Now, hit continue on both the devices

Step 5 : Enter the 12 digit code displayed on your iPhone on your Android Device

Step 6 : Here you would get an option to choose, what all to transfer from Android to iPhone

Step 7 : After selecting the data, hit Next to continue

Step 8 : Once the transfer process is complete, hit Continue Set-up iPhone

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

In case you’re looking to transfer only the contacts from your Android Mobile to iPhone, it is not an issue. This process is even more easily than the hassle of Move to iOS app.

Step 1 : On your iPhone, go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts

Step 2 : Hit on Add Account

Step 3 : Add your Gmail Account here which you have been using on your Android Mobile

Once you sync your Gmail Account and add it to your iPhone, you shall see all the contacts on your iPhone. With this simple process, you can transfer contacts from android mobile to iPhone.

How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone

Photos are something which are very close to us. They not only help us cherish the old memories but also re-live the memories. That is the reason why no one wants to loose their photos and why should you!

Step 1 : On your Android Mobile, open Google Photos and upload all photos to Google Photos

Step 2 : On your iPhone, download Google Photos

Step 3 : Login with the same Gmail Account as on your Android Mobile

Step 4 : Wait and all the photos should be right in front of you


If you have bought an iPhone recently, there are no worries anymore. With Move to iOS application, you can now easily transfer data and contacts from Android to iPhone without any hassles. There are also options to transfer contacts and photos individually from Android to iPhone.

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