How to temporarily disable or delete your Instagram account

Instagram is pretty fancy platform, but it can be harmful at the same time. If you wish to go ahead and disable or even delete your Instagram account, here is your guide.

disable instagram account

There can be multiple reasons why one would want to go ahead and disable, or in some cases, delete their Instagram account. If you do not know, Instagram is a leading photo-sharing platform in the world.

You can easily share your photos, videos, views, and ideas on Instagram by signing up and creating an audience.

But Instagram can be addictive in some cases as well. When you start spending a lot of your time on Instagram and which is not towards something productive. In such a case, you might decide to either temporarily disable your account or delete it all-together.

It is, however, convenient to disable or delete your Instagram account.

There are not multiple methods for it, as Instagram doesn’t have a disable or delete option on their application.

If you wish to go ahead and disable or delete your Instagram account, you will have to go to their website (a specific link) and proceed with the process.

Do not worry, in this article, we shall take a complete watch-through the process to temporarily disable or delete an Instagram account.

How to delete Instagram account

If you wish to delete your Instagram account permanently, you should consider taking a backup of your photos and other data. As once your account is deleted, there is no going back. All the photos, highlights, stories, and comments shall be lost.

Now, to delete your Instagram account, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to this link on a Windows PC or Mac
  2. Log-in with your Instagram account credentials
  3. Now, select a reason for leaving Instagram
  4. You will now be required to re-enter your Instagram account password
  5. Hit on Delete Permanently 

That’s it; your Instagram account is now permanently deleted. Henceforth, no data from the account shall be available.

How to temporarily disable an Instagram account

The alternative method when you are looking for a break from Instagram can be to deactivate your account temporarily. By doing so, you can return to Instagram with all your data and photos available. There is no specific limit of time with-in which you must return.

  1. Go to on a Windows PC or Mac
  2. Log-in with your Instagram account credentials
  3. On the right top corner, click on the person icon (profile)
  4. Beside your username, click on edit profit
  5. At the bottom, there is an option – Temporarily disable my account, click on it
  6. Select a reason
  7. Now, enter your password to confirm

That’s all. The two different ways you can use to keep yourself away from Instagram and get back to work.

You also, for some reason, might want to stay away from Social Media or want to say bye-bye to Social Media and can use the above methods to do so.

But keep in mind, once you delete your account, you will not be able to regain access to it. So, take the decision wisely.

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