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How to take Screenshot on Mac

Shifted from Windows to Mac recently and want to take screenshot on Mac? Now you can learn about the options and different methods to capture a screenshot. You can also choose, either to save it to Folder or copy it to your Clipboard.


In case you’ve recently moved from Windows to MacOS, you might be having some confusion with regards to How to Take Screenshot on Mac? Which is also known as Screen Capture, Screen Grab, etc. But let me tell you this, taking a screenshot on Mac is very simple. Way too simple as compared to Windows.

You may need to take a screenshot when a particular file isn’t saveable, or you have access to it for a limited time. Or you might just need a small portion of it. You get a variety of options to take screenshot on Mac. It can be either entire screen, a single window or just a portion of it.

And the best part is that the screenshot you take, gets saved to the desktop automatically. So, like Windows you need not go to Paint and than later save the screenshot to it’s respective location. You can either save the screenshot to Desktop or copy it to your Clipboard.

How to take Screenshot on Mac

As I mentioned earlier, there are various ways for you to take a Screenshot on Mac. And we shall take a look at all of them in this article.

Method 1 : Entire Screen

With help of this method you will be able to capture the entire screen of your Mac. Which includes right from the top menu to the dock of the Mac.

Step 1 : Press Shift + Command + 3

Step 2 : Go to Desktop and check the Screenshot

Method 2 : Portion of Screen

This method shall help you to capture a small portion of the screen. In case you just need to capture a small portion rather than the entire screen, than you can use this method.

Step 1 : Press Shift + Command + 4

Step 2 : Select and drag over the portion you want to capture / screenshot

Step 3 : Release the curser at the end point of the required portion

Step 4 : Go to Desktop and check your Screenshot

Method 3 : Single Window

When an entire single window is required to be captured, this method is very helpful. Even though you if have something open in the background it doesn’t matter.

Step 1 : Press Shift + Command + 4

Step 2 : Now, hit the Space Bar

Step 3 : Take the camera icon on the window you want to screenshot

Step 4 : Click on the window you want to screenshot

Step 5 : Go to Desktop and check your Screenshot

How to Copy Screenshot to Clipboard on Mac?

In case you did not know about this feature, yes it is possible. You need not save the screenshot to the desktop or any folder and later use it from there. You can directly copy the screenshot to your Clipboard and use it without having to save it and later delete it.

Step 1 : Select the type of screenshot you want to capture

Step 2 : Press Control along with the respective key combinations

Step 3 : Now you can easily paste the screenshot where ever required


Capturing a screenshot on Mac is a very easy task. The variety of options available to just capture a screenshot helps enhance the user experience. There is no hassle involved and easily you can capture the screen and either save it to a folder or copy it to the Clipboard.

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