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How to Sync iPhone to iTunes

It is often required to Sync your iPhone to iTunes in order to transfer the required data. But do you know about the different ways and options you get to choose from while syncing your iPhone?


In order to add any data to your iPhone you need to Sync it with iTunes. Specifically, you need iTunes to get photos, music, movies and books from your Computer to your iPhone. The process isn’t that easy, but the overall handling is pretty good.

The process isn’t as easy as it is in Android, where you cane easily just copy and paste it onto the memory card of your Android Mobile. You need to Sync iPhone with iTunes to get your data from Computer to iPhone.

You can use iTunes to Sync Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Photos, Contacts and files and add them to your iPhone. Whenever we buy an iPhone, we always need to sync these all data from our Computer to iPhone. However, you can use services such as iCloud Drive, Apple Music, etc. to enjoy the same content and share it over Cloud on all your iDevices.

How to Sync iPhone to iTunes

As mentioned earlier the process can very simple at times and can get too complicated at times as well. So, let us check out How to Sync iPhone to iTunes and know if it is a simple or complicated process for you!

Step 1 : Connect your iPhone to your Computer

Step 2 : Launch iTunes

Step 3 : Tap on the Device Icon at the top left corner

Step 4 : From the Left Bar select data your want to Sync:

How to Sync Music from iTunes to iPhone

The music you have added to iTunes on your Computer, can be easily transferred from your Computer to iPhone. This shall help you continue enjoy the great music experience on your iPhone.

Step 1 : Select Music from the left bar under your iPhone details

Please note, if you’re using Apple Music, than you cannot Sync Music from iTunes to iPhone.

Step 2 : Check the Box to the left of Sync Music

Step 3 : Now, you can either sync entire Music Library or selected Albums, Songs, Artists

Step 4 : Once the selection is done, you can hit the Sync button at the bottom right.

How to Sync Movies from iTunes to iPhone

While travelling without a computer is it required to have some movies on your iPhone to get some entertainment and not get bored. You can sync couple of movies or films from iTunes to iPhone depending upon your iPhone’s storage.

Step 1 : Select Films from the left bar under your iPhone details

Step 2 : Now you can select the films from the section below

Step 3 : Hit Sync and enjoy Movies on your iPhone

Automatically Include – This option appears right below Sync Movies and if you choose to turn it on, iTunes automatically sync any movie added to iTunes to your iPhone. This help you loosen the burden and let iTunes do the job in background.

How to Sync TV Shows from iTunes to iPhone

As per your will, you can also add TV Shows to iTunes and similarly they can by Synced to your iPhone. However, the method of syncing remains the same.

Step 1 : Select TV Shows from the left bar under iPhone details

Step 2 : Now check the box at the right of Sync TV Shows

Step 3 : After which, you can select either to sync entire TV Show or to sync a particular episode

Step 4 : Once you’ve selected which all TV Shows and Episodes you want to sync to your iPhone, go and hit the Sync button

Here, again you have an option to sync TV Shows automatically. If you check that box, whenever you add a new episode or a new TV Show to iTunes, it shall get synced to your iPhone automatically.

How to Sync Podcasts from iTunes to iPhone

The method to sync Podcasts to iPhone from iTunes is similar again. As per your discrition you can select whether to sync all of them or to sync just the selected ones.

Step 1 : Select Podcasts from the left bar under the iPhone details

Step 2 : Check the box to the left of Sync Podcasts

Step 3 : Now you need to choose, either to sync all Podcasts or just the selected ones

Step 4 : Once you’ve decided which all Podcasts you want to sync to your iPhone, hit the Sync button

How to Sync Photos from iTunes to iPhone

Photos are an important part of our life. We like to click pictures on every occasion and event just with the aim to capture the memories. This helps to cherish the sweet and lovely memories in the future. For the same reason, we love to keep the photos on our iPhone so we can access them easily as well as share them easily.

Step 1 : Select Photos from the left bar under iPhone details

Step 2 : Check the box to the left of Sync Photos

Step 3 : Now, you need to select a folder from which you want to sync Photos to iPhone

Step 4 : You can select, whether to sync videos from that folder as well or just the photos

Step 5 : Once, all the selection work is done, hit the Sync button and relax

Automatic Sync : This options helps you sync the recently added images to the selected folder to your iPhone easily without any further steps to undertake. iTunes shall do the job and sync the newly added images to your iPhone.

How to Sync File from iTunes to iPhone

Though Apple doesn’t provide various options but you can access files on your iPhone to a certain extent. There are often situation when you need to transfer a particular document from your computer to your iPhone. With help of this process you can easily do so.

Step 1 : Select Files from the left bar under iPhone details

Step 2 : Now, select application you want to storage files in

Step 3 : In order to move files from iPhone to your computer, single click on the file

Step 4 : Tap on Save To and select the location

Step 5 : However, in order to Add Files, click on Add and select the file

Step 6 : Once you’ve selected the file, now sit back and wait until iTunes completes it’s processing


There are various reason to Sync iPhone to iTunes, iTunes is the officially application which can be used to move data to and fro between iPhone and your Computer. You can with regards to your requirement, select which all data you need to Sync and move it to from Computer to your iPhone.

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