Use any Operating System, there are always some files on it which are hidden. And not always, but once in a while, you do require to edit them or just view them. For such purposes, you need to see the hidden files or un-hide the hidden files.

Be it designing, editing, or doing any other work, it be beneficial to have access to the hidden files on your Mac. As per me, it helps me to continue my work-flow. Or else, you might have to stop your work, figure out how to unhide hidden files on Mac and then continue your work.

In Mac OS X Lion, Apple had placed the Library folder right at the desktop, or your Home Screen. Which made it very easy for you to access it, but as the files under the Library folder are very sensitive and you must be very careful. That is the reason Apple has hidden the Library folder, ever since.

But Apple does trick you in this scenario as well. There are in total, 3 Library folders on your Mac. Two of which are always visible and not hidden, those are no good. As they won’t be able to help you with what you’re looking for. The magic takes place in the third Library folder, which is obviously hidden.

How to Show Hidden files on Mac

Now, let us take a good look, at how exactly can you see the hidden files on macOS Mojave. There are couple of methods, you can follow to show hidden files on macOS.

  1. Show Hidden files using Finder
  2. Show Hidden files using Keyboard Shortcut
  3. Unhide Hidden files using Terminal

Let us now take a look at each one of those steps. However, you need to be very careful while handling the files under the hidden Library folder. And it is better to hide it again, until you require it very often.

1. Show Hidden files using Finder

This is can be called one of the easiest methods to show hidden files on macOS. Not a lengthy process, a very simple and easy one.

  1. Go to Finder > Macintosh HD
  2. Tap on Go in the Menu Bar
  3. Press and hold Option / Alt Key on your Keyboard
  4. Click on the Library option

This will take you directly to the hidden library folder on your Mac.

2. Show Hidden files using Keyboard Shortcut

Apple did not just allow macOS users to show hidden files via just one single methods. There are multiple methods, one can choose to use whichever they prefer to.

By using a combination of keys on your macOS, you can see the hidden files at away.

All you need to do is press Control + Shift + . (dot) – that’s all. Now you will be able to see all the hidden files on macOS.

3. Unhide Hidden files using Terminal

There is a third method to show hidden files on Mac using Terminal. If you do not know, Terminal is same system, what you call a Command Prompt on Windows. You get root access to your system and enter command lines to get some function done.

  1. Open Terminal from LaunchPad or Applications folder
  2. Enter the following command and hit the return key

$ defaults write AppleShowAllFiles true

$ killall Finder

Now you will be able to see all the hidden files on your Mac.

How to Hide Hidden files on Mac

While, it is recommended that you hide the hidden files on Mac after your work is completed. This will ensure that you do not accidentally delete or damage any of the important files under the Hidden Library folder.

In order to hide the files back, all you need to do is follow either of the below methods:

  1. Press Control + Shift + .(dot), again. When you press this combination ones, hidden files are un-hidden. And when you press it the second time, they are hidden again.
  2. In terminal, enter the below command and hit the return key:

$ defaults write AppleShowAllFiles false

$ killall Finder

You’re good to go now. All the hidden files are un-hidden and you can continue the smooth work-flow on your Mac.

How to keep hidden Library Folder on Mac visible

If you’re a developer or program tester and frequently need access to the hidden files, there is a way by which you can keep the hidden files on Mac visible. This will ensure you to not again and again, hide and un-hide the files. And also ensure a smooth flow of your work.

All you need to do is use the second or third method, the keyboard shortcut or terminal command to show the hidden files. And until you reverse the command, the hidden files on your Mac will be visible.

In the future again, if you wish to again take a look at the hidden files, you can follow the same method.

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