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How to Restore iPhone & iPad via iTunes & iCloud


Using an iPhone for quite some times as your daily driver can cause few issues to the device. iPhone may start showing some glitches or functionality errors. There are chances that the Network connectivity issues or small crashes and lagging.

However, these issues might be caused due to an unknown reason. But you can visit an Apple Service Centre to learn more about the issue causing your iPhone to lag or crash. Either way, if you wish to not waste a huge amount of your day by visiting an Apple Service Centre, we are here to help you provide a quick solution to the problem.

As mentioned earlier, there can be numerous reasons for your iPhone to not function as prescribed by Apple. There is a quick solution can you perform. You can Restore your iPhone to a previous Backup, for which you must know How to Backup iPhone completely.

Always, make sure to backup your iPhone regularly, so that whenever you face such an issue you can Restore iPhone.

How to Restore iPhone

So, there are two options here. In order to get your iPhone to function back as normal, you can either Restore old Backup or Restore to Factory Defaults. In this article we shall take a look at both the ways.

How to Restore Backup to iPhone via iTunes

In case you have an old backup on your computer you can go ahead with this step. Or else, you can follow our guide on How to Backup iPhone.

Step 1 : Connect your iPhone to Computer via Lightening Cable

Step 2 : Open iTunes on your Computer

Step 3 : Click on the Device Icon on the left top corner, beside music

Step 4 : Select the Summary option from the bar at the left

Step 5 : At the right, click on Restore Backup

Step 6 : From the list, select the Backup to Restore

Step 7 : Click Restore

That’s all, now sit back and wait for iTunes to do it’s job.

How to Restore Backup to iPhone via iCloud

While some people choose to backup their iPhones to iTunes, some prefer to use iCloud. As it can be more convenient as well as doesn’t require you to have a computer.

Step 1 : Reset your iPhone – Learn more from our guide on How to Reset iPhone

Step 2 : Once your iPhone is reset to Factory Defaults, continue with the set-up

Step 3 : After signing in with your Apple ID, Click on Restore Backup from iCloud

Step 4 : Select the Backup to Restore

Step 5 : Click Restore

Now the backup shall be downloaded from iCloud and your iPhone shall be looking same as before.


By following our guide on How to Restore iPhone, you shall be able to get your hands over the easy ways of getting your iPhone on track once they are diverting from the track and not functioning properly.

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