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How to Install watchOS 6 Beta without Developer Account

The time right after WWDC is always a fun time. Getting to look at the upcoming Operating Systems and play with them a little before then everyone else does. Similar is the case with watchOS 6, let's check it out.


Along with iOS 13 and macOS Catalina, Apple also did announce the upcoming version for the Apple Watch. The all-new watchOS 6. Right after the announcement, Apple also did seed the first developer preview of watchOS 6 to the Registered Developer.

There are a bunch of added features and updates to watchOS 6, it is over-all focused on how to take the maximum advantage of the hardware and help user to improve upon their health. As of now, only the Registered Developers can take a look at the Preview / Early Version of watchOS 6. But there is a way for you to access to it as well, that too without even paying the $99 fees.

watchOS 6 Beta 1

However, before getting excited to take a look at the upcoming watchOS 6 and to install it on your Apple Watch, you must make sure your Apple Watch is compatible. As you know, Apple does drop update support for the older devices every year. But this year the case with watchOS 6 is a little different. Apple is providing support for all the watchOS 5 supported Apple Watched.

Yet confused, here is a complete list of all the watchOS 6 supported and compatible Apple Watch:

  • Apple Watch Series 1
  • Apple Watch Series 2
  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Apple Watch Series 4

Should I update to watchOS 6 Beta?

All the beta versions or the Developer Previews are for the Developers. It is meant for them to use the code on these new up-coming versions and upgrade their apps and develop them. This ensures a smooth update for their app users when the public release takes place. That is why they are highly unstable and not recommended for daily usage.

The thing with Apple Watches is that they do not physically get connected to any device. Which is why there is no way to downgrade your Apple Watch back to watchOS 5 or earlier.

How to Install watchOS 6 Beta without Developer Account?

Now, after checking the compatibility of your Apple Watch and the agreement to the no going back policy, we can finally install watchOS 6 on our Apple Watch.

There is a basic requirement to install watchOS 6, that your iPhone should be running iOS 13. If your iPhone is not running iOS 13, you can follow this guide to install iOS 13 on your iPhone without Developer Account.

Also, you need to place your Apple Watch on the wireless charger and ensure it is charged more than 50%.

After your iPhone is running on iOS 13 and everything is in place, you can follow the below steps to upgrade your Apple Watch to watchOS 6.

Step 1 : Open this link in Safari on your iPhone

Step 2 : Scroll download and click on Download under watchOS Download

Step 3 : You’ll get a pop-up asking for permission to download the Configuration File, allow it.

Step 4 : Now you’ll be taken to Watch App to install, hit on Install

Step 5 : It’ll ask you to enter your iPhone’s Passcode

Step 6 : Again, hit on Install and confirm

Step 7 : Ones the profile is installed successfully, you’ll be asked to restart your Watch. Press on Restart

Step 8 : After the Watch restarts, go to Watch App > General > Software Update

Step 9 : Tap on Download and Install to install watchOS 6


watchOS 6 is going to be fun to play with. You can expect a lot of improvements over the coming weeks when the future beta versions shall be released. Until that time, play safe and keep your Apple Watch running well.

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