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How to Install or Delete Fonts on Mac


Every operating system comes along with some pre-installed fonts. But not always these are the fonts you would like to use. There are always some additional fonts available which you might want to use on your computer. Similar is the case with Mac as well.

There are a lot of fonts pre-installed on your Mac when you buy it from Apple. But maybe you would not use the already available ones and want a different style of font. In such situations, people often say why would someone want extra font when there are hundreds available on your computer?

Well, when you are in the creative field, such as, graphic designing, video editing, or anything else, you need to work with different fonts to check which can help create a greater impact.

How to Install Fonts on Mac

What if I told you the process to install new fonts on your Mac is easy and shall take just a few minutes. Let us now see how to install fonts on Mac downloaded from the internet.

But before we begin, if you are looking for a place to download new fonts from, there are many websites that offer fonts. While downloading fonts from the internet ensure the format of the font you are downloading. On Mac, you can use fonts that are in the format – .ttf, .otf, and .ttc font files. A few of them are mentioned below as well:

So, now that you have the fonts downloaded in the zip format. We can finally begin the process to install them on your Mac.

Method 1:

Step 1: Double-tap on the zip file and unzip it

Step 2: Now, you will see a .ttf, .otf, or .ttc file, double click on it to launch it

Step 3: In the pop-up that launches, click on install on the left corner

Once, the installation process is complete, the font will be successfully installed on your Mac. After which, you can re-start the application to use the recently installed font.

Method 2:

There is an alternative method to install the font on Mac as well. This one is a little longer but pretty similar.

Step 1: Once you have the font file downloaded in the zip file, double click on it and unzip it

Step 2: Now, from the launchpad open Font Book

Step 3: From the left corner, tap on File > Add Font

Step 4: Locate the font file path in the pop-up and click on Install / Add

After the installation process completes, you can re-start the application you want to use the font we have recently installed.

How to delete fonts on Mac

When you install many fonts from the internet, in case you do not need them, you can get rid of them. It is easy to remove fonts from Mac and also helps you to increase your storage space.


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