How to Install macOS Mojave without Developer Account


Every year Apple brings out an update for all it’s softwares, being iOS, watchOS, macOS or tvOS. Similarly, this year to it came out with macOS Mojave. During WWDC 2018, it announced it and since than there have been various Betas seeded to it’s registered developers to work on their apps, test them and finally optimise them for enhancing the user experience as well as to develop them.

Now, there have been quite a few changes and updates, so it’s time when you can also install a copy of macOS Mojave on your Mac and experience the upcoming macOS version. But there is one issue, Apple seeds these Betas to only it’s registered developers and not the general public. So, in this article you’ll be able to install it without being a Registered Developer and without evening paying the $99 fee.

Install macOS Mojave on your Mac without a Developer Account

In order to do so, just follow the simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1 : Go to Apple Beta Website, on your Mac

Step 2 : Click on Enroll your Device and Click on macOS

Step 3 : Scroll down and click on “Download the macOS Public Beta Access Utility” and download the Utility File

Note : Make Sure to back up your Mac before install this copy of macOS Mojave

Step 4 : Open the Utility File and click on the Package File to begin installation

Step 5 : Follow the on screen steps and enter your password (or TouchID) to complete the Installation

Step 6 : Once the installation is completed, your Mac would launch App Store and show the download screen for macOS Mojave

Step 7 : Click on Download and let it download macOs Mojave

Step 8 : After the download is completed, Click on Continue on the Installation Screen

Step 9 : Tap on Agree the Terms & Conditions

Step 10 : Select the installation Disk and hit on Install

Now, let the installation complete and Restart your Mac. Once all of that is done, you’ll be ready to use macOS Mojave on your Mac that too without paying any Developer Fee.

So, wasn’t it easy to install macOS Mojave? Let me know in the comments below!

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