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How to Install macOS Catalina Beta without Developer Account

Apple ensures that only the Registered Developers under the Developer Program get their hands on to Early Versions but we all want to. So, let use see how can you get your access without Apple Developer Program to macOS Catalina Beta.


As Apple announced the upcoming version of macOS during WWDC 2019, they also released the First Beta of macOS Catalina to registered developers. But to access that, one needs to pay an annual fees of US$ 99. But for installing one Beta in the entire year, it really does not make sense to spend US$ 99.

There are alternative ways to get access and upgrade to macOS Catalina Beta. We shall take a look at how to install macOS Catalina Beta without Developer Account. Also, we shall ensure that you complete the entire process safely without losing any data. It is very important to ensure that you’re data is safe.

Why macOS Catalina Beta 1 is risky?

As you know, these beta versions are not available for the general public. They are solely meant for Developers to get access to new codes and develop their apps for the upcoming version, which shall ensure a smooth transition. As well as, they can take advantage of the added features to the new Operating System to optimise their apps.

That is the reason why these Beta Versions are unstable and not recommended to be used on daily drivers.

macOS Catalina Compatible Macs

There are a few older Macs which will not be able to upgrade to macOS Catalina. Before trying to download and install macOS Catalina, you must make sure your Mac is compatible and can be upgraded. Check if your Mac is compatible with macOS Catalina.

Backup your Mac before Upgrade

To ensure and reduce the risk, we recommend to take a complete backup via Time Machine of your Mac. This will ensure that your data is safe and in case something goes wrong, you can restore your Mac and your data as well.

macOS Catalina Beta 1

The process is not very complex or something like greek and latin. It is very similar to a normal software update with few additional steps.

Step 1 : Download macOS Catalina Beta Profile

Step 2 : Open the DMG file

Step 3 : Open the macOS Beta Access Package File

Step 4 : Continue the installation process and hit Install

Step 5 : Go to System Preferences > Software Update

Step 6 : Now, Let it check for available Software Updates

Step 7 : After you see an Upgrade Option, hit on Upgrade Now to download macOS Catalina Beta 1

Step 8 : Once the Download is completed, click on Update Now

Step 9 : Once your Mac reboots, continue with the set-up process

Congratulations, now you’ve successfully upgraded your Mac to macOS Catalina Beta 1.

Video Tutorial


The all new macOS Catalina is one of it’s kind experience and amazing to play with. There are a lot of changes and the major one being no iTunes. Yes, macOS Catalina does not have iTunes anymore. Read more about macOS Catalina.

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