How to Improve Battery Life on iPhone Xs Running iOS 12


Battery Life has been a major problem for most of the iPhone users since a quite long time. There were controversies for Apple purposely slowing down the older version of iPhones for forcing it’s users to switch to a new model of iPhone. But let’s just keep that all aside and today we’re going to talk about resolving the Battery Life issues with your iPhone running iOS 12.

So, I’m going to show you 10 tips and tricks which will help you improve the battery life and leave you with some extra battery juice at the end of the day.

Improve Batter Life on iOS 12

Tip #1 : Location Services

The thing with Location Services is that this feature keeps on running in the background even when you’re not using your phone and it is in your pocket. Which means this is use of battery which isn’t required and we must eliminate it to get that battery used back. So, all you need to do is :

Go into Setting > Privacy > Location Services

I would recommend to turn it off completely, but in case you need certain apps to use Location Services, all you need to do is change the setting to “While Using the App” and “Never” for apps you don’t need Location Services.

Tip #2 : Notifications

So, talking about Notifications, we always think it is just a small piece of information from a particular app. But it isn’t the case. Notification consumes a significant amount of your Battery, because it has to be fetched from the Apps that are running in the background and constantly updating it’s data. Also, consuming your Wifi / Cellular Data.

So, I recommend you to turn Notifications off or either set it to Banner ones for certain app from which you need to get the Notifications.

Head to Settings > Notifications and do the needful changes

Tip #3 : Turning Off Wifi and Bluetooth

How many of us have a habit of turning off wifi and bluetooth from Control Centre? But the issue with it is that it doesn’t turn off Wifi and Bluetooth, it just disconnects your device from the connected Wifi and Bluetooth. Which means Wifi and Bluetooth are running in the background all the time.

What you need to do is that, head to Settings > Wifi / Bluetooth > Manually Turn them OFF

Tip #4 : Siri Suggestions

What exactly is Siri Suggestions? Siri keeps on Analysing and Updating the Apps in the background to provide you suggestions based on the Data from those Apps. Which means a lot of background processing and eventually more consumption of battery.

All you need to do to fix this is :

Go to Settings > Siri & Search > Siri Suggestions and turn it OFF

Tip #5 : Fitness Tracking

Most of us aren’t athletes and we don’t need to keep a track of the number of kilometers or miles we walk a day or the number of steps we climb. Which means, we don’t need to waste our iPhone’s Battery on this as well. Than why keep this feature on?

Go to Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness > Fitness Tracking

Turn it OFF and save lot of Battery for your day.

Tip #6 : BackGround App Refresh

This is one of those features which keeps a track of all the apps and makes sure to refresh them constantly to fetch new data even though the app is closed and not in use. So, tell me one thing, why should we waste our battery on Apps that we don’t use?

Go to Settings > Background App Refresh

I would recommend to turn it off completely, but if you wish to keep it on for certain apps, than adjust the settings accordingly.

Tip #7 : WiFi Assist

Wifi Assist is a feature which keeps a track of your WiFi signals and if they fall below a particular level it will switch to Cellular Data to ensure you don’t face any disturbance while browsing or enjoying your content. But I don’t think so we need this feature, we can ourself ensure if the WiFi is sufficient enough for our usage or we need to use Cellular Data. Than why waste extra battery on this feature?

Go to Settings > Cellular Data > WiFi Assist and turn it OFF

Tip #8 : Rise to Wake

When ever you raise your iPhone upto your face you would have noticed that without even pressing any button your iPhone’s screen is turned on, this is because of a continuous feature running in background to scan your face and when you raise your phone it acts and turn the display on. But you can manually turn your iPhone if you get to save on Battery Life?

Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Raise to Wake and turn this feature OFF

Tip #9 : Automatic Downloads

The App Store keeps a constant check on the available updates of the apps that are installed on your iPhone and update them if there is an update available. But this leads to consumption of extra battery to keep a constant check. I guess we can manually head to App Store and update the Apps when we wish to and not if we don’t wish to.

Head to Settings > iTunes and App Store > Turn OFF Automatic Download for Updates

Tip #10 : Open Apps in Background

There is this myth all around that if you keep more number of apps open in the background than it’ll consume more battery. But it isn’t true, because an open app starts right from you left it rather in case you open an app it has to load all the data again which is already loaded in case of open apps. So, practically keeping apps open in the background saves on Battery Life.

Ensure from next time to keep the apps open in the background to save on the Battery Life.

Alright, these were 10 tips and tricks that can help you to save on Battery Life and get a little more on the Battery on you iPhone running iOS 12. Now, I want to know from you all that did this trick work for you guys to help you with Battery Life improvement? Share your experience in the comments below.

Video Tutorial for Improving Battery Life on iOS 12

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