While working on a particular app for quite some long time, there are chances that the app might not functioning properly. And to continue working, you need to Force Quit the app on Mac. However, if you did not know, there are various ways to do so and get back to work.

But there can be other reasons as well for an app not functioning properly. Due to which the app might not function properly and get unresponsive. You can use the Force Quit tool on macOS to Force Quit App on Mac. This also helps to clear some memory on your Mac and boost the performance speed.

Before you Force Quit Mac App, you must know that any of the unsaved work shall get lost. And may not be recovered when you re-launch the app. So, you must be very careful while you Force Quit App on Mac.

How to Force Quit App on Mac

In total there are three different ways to Force Quit App on Mac, now let us take a look at each one of these processes.

How to Force Quit Mac App using Finder

Step 1 : Click on the Apple Logo at the top right corner

Step 2 : Tap on Force Quit to launch Force Quit Tool

Step 3 : Select the app you want to Force Quit and hit Force Quit

How to Force Quit Mac App using Dock

Step 1 : Move your cursor over the icon of the App you want to Force Quit

Step 2 : Hold Option / Shift and right click on the icon

Step 3 : Tap on Force Quit

How to Force Quit Mac App using Keyboard Shortcut

Step 1 : Press Option + Command + Shift on your keyboard

Step 2 : From the pop-up Force Quit Tool, select the app you want to Force Quit

Step 3 : Now tap on Force Quit


It can get irritating at times when the project you’re working on needs to be stopped due to the technical problems on your Mac. But to a great extend the Force Quit Tool should help you resolve the problem. One of the above three processes shall help you to resolve your problem.

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