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How to Fix Cydia Impactor Error 71

Cydia Impactor is that application without which you would not be able to install any custom Package / IPA file on your iPhone. However there might be some errors while installing and with help of our guide you can get rid of them.


Cydia Impactor is an application that helps you install any IPA file on your iPhone or iPad. However it is not officially allowed by Apple to use such applications. But as Apple doesn’t like to allow it’s users to take control over their iPhones, people want to do so. That’s the reason why people use Cydia Impactor to install custom IPA files.

Cydia Impactor is very helpful for installing Jailbreak IPA files. It helps install the softwares which Jailbreak your iPhone right from the iPhone itself. So, we need a computer to just install the IPA file and which wouldn’t be possible without Cydia Impactor.

However sometimes while using Cydia Impactor for installing a custom IPA file, you might get an error called Provision.cpp:81 or Provision.cpp:71. These errors are occurring due to Certificate issues with your Apple ID. Which can be easily resolved.

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How to Fix Provision.cpp:81 and Provision.cpp:71 Cydia Impactor Error

There are three different ways in which you can resolve Provision.cpp:81 and Provision.cpp:71 Cydia Impactor Error.

Method 1 : Using the Install Package Option

So there is a separate option for installing IPA file. Though the process remains the same, rather in place of dragging the file onto Cydia Impactor, you to choose it. There are possibilities this might not work at first, but try for two or three times and it shall work for you.

Step 1 : Launch Cydia Impactor 

Step 2 : Click on Device > Install Package

Cydia Impactor Error 71 | i Device Guide | iphone tricks

Method 2 : Using App Specific Password

After Apple has turned on Two-Factor Authentication for everyone in order to protect the Apple ID. There are issues with regards to connectivity when used with certain apps. For the same reason, Apple allows it’s users to generate app specific passwords for allowing access to certain applications.

How to Generate App Specific Password for Apple ID

Step 1 : Log-on to Manage Apple ID

Step 2 : Sign in with your Apple ID

Step 3 : Under Security, tap edit

Step 4 : Tap on Generate App Specific Password

Cydia Impactor Error 71 | i Device Guide | iphone tricks

Step 5 : Enter a label for the App Specific Password

Step 6 : Click next and copy your App Specific Password

Cydia Impactor Error 71 | i Device Guide | iphone tricks

Method 3 : Revoke Certificate

Every-time you install an IPA file via Cydia Impactor there are certain Certificates that are signed or attached to your Apple ID. And later they can cause issues while installing another IPA file. So, in order to eliminate the error, you must revoke the certificate.

How to Revoke Certificate from Apple ID

Step 1 : Open Cydia Impactor

Step 2 : Click xcode > Revoke Certificate

Cydia Impactor Error 71 | i Device Guide | iphone tricks

Step 3 : Enter your Apple ID and Password


These were three possible troubleshooting methods which can help you resolve the Provision.cpp:81 and Provision.cpp:71 Cydia Impactor Error. One out of the three must work and you’ll be able to install the IPA file or Package on your iPhone.

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