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How to Fix Personal Hotspot Missing on iPhone or iPad

Not being able to use your iPhone's mobile data on your Computer or Laptop over Personal Hotspot can be annoying. But, we have a quick fix to get back Personal Hotspot! Let's check out how.


We the advancement in technology on a daily bases, we are seeing how much we all are getting addicted to the internet. Where ever we travel, we get access to Wi-Fi. The access may be chargeable or free, but yes, we do get access to Wi-Fi.

But often, there are few places we travel to or go to, where-in there is no availability of Wi-Fi. Where-in to continue our work, we need access to the internet. It can be in any form, but we require access to the internet.

It is the time when you can use the mobile data from your iPhone to continue your work. It is possible using the Personal Hotspot option on your iPhone.

What Personal Hotspot does, is that it allows your computer or laptop to get access to the internet using mobile data. Means, from the server, your iPhone gets internet, and from your iPhone, your computer gets internet access.

Well, in some cases, your iPhone might not be showing the option for Personal Hotspot and not allowing you to use it.

How to Fix Missing Personal Hotspot on iPhone or iPad

There are multiple methods, which you can try to get the issue resolved. Well, there is no direct solution to this problem. Personal Hotspot is a feature that works in collaboration with your network carrier.

The settings and the permission should be allowed from your network carrier, and only after which, you will be able to use Personal Hotspot on your iPhone to share the internet to any device over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Enter APN Settings

One of the troubleshooting methods involves entering the APN settings. Let us see how:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Cellular Data

Step 2: Tap on Mobile Data Network

Step 3: Under Mobile Data, enter the APN for your carrier (you can Google: YOUR NETWORK CARRIER NAME + APN to find the APN)

Step 4: Under Personal Hotspot, also, enter the same APN settings as entered above

Step 5: Now, put your iPhone on Aeroplane Mode and remove it from Aeroplane Mode to check if the method worked or not.

After your iPhone it removed from Aeroplane Mode, go ahead and try looking for Personal Hotspot option, and in case you find it, turn it on.

However, if this method did not work for you, we shall continue with a few more steps to fix the Persona Hotspot issue on iPhone and iPad.

Reboot your iPhone

There are a lot of times when your iPhone is unable to process a few steps. A way to resolve such errors is rebooting your iPhone. It is effortless and easy to reboot and can help you fix a lot of your iPhone related problems.

To reboot your iPhone, there are two methods. Let us check them:

You can either go to Settings > General and tap on the Shut Down button to Shut Down your iPhone. Once it is off, you can press and hold Power Button to turn it on again.

Or, you can press and hold the Power Button and swipe right to Turn Off your iPhone. Once it is turned off, you can now again press and hold the Power Button to power it on.

Reset Network Settings

As mentioned earlier, Personal Hotspot is a feature on your iPhone which works in collaboration with your carrier. So, to fix any issue with your Network Settings, you can try to reset the Network Settings on your iPhone.

When you reset Network Settings on your iPhone, your iPhone seeks new Network Settings from your carrier. And while updating the Networking settings, the Personal Hotspot option may get enabled. Allowing you to use it and share the internet from your iPhone.

You can Reset Network Settings from Settings > General > Reset and click on Reset Network Settings. Now, your iPhone will ask you to enter the passcode, and that’s it. It will now go ahead and reset the Network Settings on your iPhone.

Reset All Settings

Moving a step ahead, if resetting the network settings on your iPhone does not help, there is another way. This method is a step forward of the previous one, where-in we will reset all the settings on of your iPhone.

When you reset all the settings, everything goes back to Factory Default. But there is nothing to worry about, and you will not lose any of your data. And it is straightforward to reset all settings.

The method is the same, go to Settings > General > Reset and tap on Reset All Settings. After this, you will be asked to enter the passcode of your iPhone to continue the reset process. Enter your iPhone’s passcode and allow your iPhone to complete the process from its end.

Restore your iPhone using iTunes

Well, we tried various methods until now. If non of them helped you to get back the Personal Hotspot option yet, there is only one way left. Now, we need to go ahead and restore your iPhone using iTunes.

It is also known as Factory Data Reset, where-in all the data on your iPhone is removed, and it is restored to Factory Defaults. Meaning, your iPhone will be as fresh as you picked it up from its box. Everything will be new and updated to the latest version.

It is often the step that helps people to get back the Personal Hotspot option on their iPhone and iPad.

You can follow our guide on How to Factory Reset iPhone and iPad, but do not forget to Backup your iPhone and iPad before restoring.


That’s it from our side. Above mentioned are the different steps and ways to resolve the Personal Hotspot issue on your iPhone or iPad. And I am sure, one out of all these methods will work out and help you get back Personal Hotspot.

But I want to know which one worked for you, comment below and let us know. Also, have you updated your iPhone to the latest iOS 13? If not, that can be an easy fix.

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