How to Factory Reset iPhone and iPad

iPhones are said to be the most expensive and advanced mobile devices. However, iPhone is the flag-ship smartphone from Apple Inc. Each year the company tries to add some amazing features to the phone to attract more and more people to buy their latest flag-ship smartphone.

But the issue here is that, every time you buy an iPhone and start using it, within couple of months you start to face issues such as lagging or crashing of apps, etc. So, in order to get rid of those issues, the best alternative is to reset your iPhone.

Here, Apple played a little smart. The company provides various option on the bases of which you can reset your iPhone. We’ll take a look at all of them. But you must ensure to take complete back up of your iPhone before resetting it.

In case, you do not backup your iPhone, you can loose your personal data and we do not prefer that. We understand how important it is to have your personal texts and pictures with you on your smartphone. So, make sure to read our guide on How to Backup iPhones to completely backup your iPhone.

How to Reset iPhone or iPad?

Again, as discussed earlier, there are couple of options for resetting your iPhone. But the process remains the same, so let us take a look at the process first and then we’ll see which option does what. Just for your information, we also have a video tutorial for this process, scroll to the bottom for the video.

Step 1 : Open Settings > General


Step 2 : Scroll down, tap on Reset

As you can see there are in total 6 options to reset.

  1. Reset All Settings
  2. Reset All Content and Settings
  3. Reset Network Settings
  4. Reset Keyboard Dictionary
  5. Reset Home Screen Layout
  6. Reset Location & Privacy

How to Reset All Settings on iPhone and iPad

Under this option, all the settings that you would have adjusted according to your requirements will be set back to default set by Apple. This can help fix issues with Settings App on your iPhone.

How to Reset All Content and Settings on iPhone and iPad – (How to Factory Reset iPhone and iPad)

In order to factory reset your iPhone to factory default, selection option. This will reset entire iPhone to Factory Default and make it feel fresh and new.

How to Reset Network Settings on iPhone and iPad

If you’re facing issues with your Wi-Fi, Cellular or Bluetooth, you can try this option which can help you fix your issues.

How to Reset Keyboard Dictionary on iPhone and iPad

Often for our comfort we add few word to the iPhone’s dictionary to escape the Auto-correction. So, in order to undo that, you can use this option.

How to Reset Home Screen Layout on iPhone and iPad

What so ever, Apple’s default Home Screen Layout is pretty good looking and adjusted. So, when ever you wish to go back, you’re just a click away. Select this option to set the Home Screen Layout back to the default one. Do not worry, it would not delete any of your Apps.

How to Reset Location & Privacy on iPhone and iPad

All the location and Privacy settings adjusted on your iPhone will be set back to default by choosing this option.


That’s it, it is so simple to Reset your iPhone with the wide variety of options Apple gives you. Just always make sure to have a backup before beginning any of the above processes.

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