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How to download iPadOS 13 public beta 2 to your iPad

Apple seeds iPadOS 13 Public Beta 2 for the public testers. This can be your opportunity to get hands-on to the pre-release version of iPadOS 13 and try the new cool upcoming features.


iPadOS the is iPad specific Operating System announced by Apple during WWDC 2019. iPadOS gives enhanced access to the iPad user and the capability to do more with iPad. Apple launches public beta to allow the public testers to test the operating system and provide feedback on areas of improvement. This program was started by Apple to ensure lower bugs in the final release version.

Developer Preview v/s Public Beta

There is are differences in the two pre-release versions. While one is meant for the App Store Developers, while the other is for the public testers who do not have any application to offer on the App Store.

Apple wants to ensure there are more and more people able to test the pre-release version and provide their valuable inputs. Developer Preview is a dedicated version of pre-release model for App Developers and Operating System developers to work on it. This helps them to develop their apps and prepare them for the upcoming version before the official release.

On the other hand, there are a lot of people who are not registered app developers for the App Store. But they are developers and do test operating systems for other firms. Apple wants them to also get their hands-on to the pre-release version and provide the required feedback to improve the performance and user experience.

Getting your iPad ready for iPadOS 13

Before you begin the installation of iPadOS 13 on your iPad, you need understand few things. It is risky to install the pre-release version of iPadOS. The operating system is yet under development and required inputs.

It is solely meant for development purpose and can include bugs. It highly recommended for you to take a complete backup of your iPad before moving ahead.

How to Install iPadOS 13 public beta 2

The process to install a public beta is not very complex. It is as simple as to upgrade the software on your iPad, like you’ve been doing over the years. However, you need to follow additional step or two, but that is easy to follow.

Step 1 : Go to Apple Developer Portal on your iPad

Step 2 : Click on Download and download iPadOS 13 Public Beta Profile

Step 3 : Now, hit Install to install the beta profile on your iPad

Step 4 : You’ll be prompted to enter your iPad’s password to confirm beta profile installation

Step 5 : After the profile is installed, restart your iPad

Step 6 : Once the iPad restarts, go to Settings > General > Software Update

Step 7 : Now, you’ll be able to see iPadOS 13 Public Beta 2

Step 8 : Hit on Download and Install

That’s all, now you need to sit back and wait until the software is downloaded and install it after it’s downloaded.

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