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How to Download Apple Card Monthly Statement

Apple Card is easy to use, but how can you export Apple Card data?


If you are using your Apple Card, you can easily see the statement of transactions under the Wallet App. But what if you need to share the transactions on your Apple Card with someone? In that case, you need to download a monthly statement for your Apple Card.

It can be easy for you to view your transaction and understand them. But for others, not using Apple Card or not a part of Apple Eco-system, it is very difficult. The best alternative is Apple Card Monthly Statement.

How to Download Apple Card Statement

  1. Go to the Wallet App on your iPhone
  2. Tap on your Apple Card
  3. Now, look for Total Balance and tap on the that column
  4. Select the statement month (for which month you need to download the statement)
  5. Select the option “Download PDF Statement”

The window that loads next will be your PDF monthly statement for Apple Card. Now, you can easily look at it, export it or share it with anyone who is not using Apple Card or not using iPhone, for that matter.

As of now, Apple Card is new and fresh. Thus, doesn’t have tie-up with financing apps like Mint. Later, once Apple is able to gain a customer base for Apple Card, they can tie-up with other financing apps, to provide extra comfort to their users.

But the in build features under Wallet App with regard to Apple Card are very attractive. You can get every information you are looking for under one application and need not figure out things else where.

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