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How to Download and Install Safari in Windows

Apple's native browser is available for downloads on Windows PC, but using it on daily bases isn't safe enough. For your specific use, let's see how to install Safari for Windows.


Safari is the native or default browser on macOS. But as you know many apps are made available by the companies in order to enhance their user base. With a similar idea, Apple also developed Safari for Windows and allowed users to download Safari in Windows.

But soon after, it decided to discontinue Safari. Because it was getting difficult for the company to keep it updated with the added new features on macOS. Also, one the major problem being, if you decide to provide a cross-platform application, it must be build for it. Apple was running Safari just like an application on Mac with few added lines as required by Windows or Microsoft.

Safari for Windows

There could be many reasons you would wish to install Safari in Windows. Could be for development purpose or for any specific client requirement. Do not worry, you can definitely download and install Safari in Windows.

Is it safe?

Well, no. The main reason being that it is a 2012 developed version of Safari that you’ll install on your Windows PC. Due to lack of development, there are a lot of security concerns raised.

For the exact same reason, it is also not recommended to use Safari on Windows as your daily browser. You can use any other alternative like, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

How to download and Install Safari on Windows?

You might be thinking that, as it is an older version does it require a lot of efforts to be installed. No, it is very simple and easy for you to install Safari on your Windows PC.

Step 1 : On your Windows PC, open this link

Step 2 : Download and save the SafariSetup.exe

How to Download and Install Safari in Windows

Step 3 : Run the step-up file [SafariSetup.exe]

How to Download and Install Safari in Windows

Step 4 : Complete the installation by clicking on Install

How to Download and Install Safari in Windows

How to Download and Install Safari in Windows

That’s it. Now you have access to Safari on your Windows PC. But definitely you should stay aware and safe while using Safari on Windows.


Having a macOS application on Windows can be very cool, but at the same time data safety and security is important too. Try and use Safari the minimum you can and use alternative browsers for daily usage.

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