How to downgrade watchOS on Apple Watch?

Downgrading the watchOS on your Apple Watch is one of the most hectic tasks you could ever get into with regards to Apple Products. There are a lot of complications and let us read more about it.

how to downgrade watchos apple watch

With every year coming by, Apple makes sure to put out an update with the aim of improving user experience with their device and also to improve the performance of the device.

Similarly, this year, Apple has announced watchOS 6. They have also rolled out watchOS Beta 1 and many of you guys would have installed it on your Apple Watch. If you wish to now, you can follow our guide on How to Install watchOS 6 without Developer Account.

When you get an update on your iPhone and you don’t like it, what you do is connect it to iTunes and downgrade the software. You also plan to do something similar with your Apple Watch as well but hang on a second, the case with Apple Watch is a little different.

Downgrade watchOS on Apple Watch – Possible?

Well, Apple doesn’t allow you to downgrade your Apple Watch’s watchOS.

The issue here is that, Apple Watch does not have a physical connection to any device. You cannot use the Smart Watch Connector to connect your Apple Watch to iTunes and sync it. You cannot also do it over Wi-Fi. Apple Watch cannot be connected to iTunes.

This is the exact reason, why Apple replaces all faulty Apple Watches and not reset the OS like iPhone.

So, next time when you get an update on your Apple Watch, make sure you check the update and see all about what’s new in the update and update after you are sure.

Apple Watch uses WiFi and Bluetooth to communicate with your iPhone to get data from iPhone and send data to iPhone. Over WiFi and Bluetooth it is not practically possible to downgrade watchOS version. Watch being a compact device, with water resistance and lot more, it is very difficult for Apple to allow it’s users to change the OS on their own.


There is nothing possibly done to downgrade your watchOS on Apple Watch. Yes, but in-case there are some issues with it, you can definitely try your luck by visiting an Apple Service Centre. In case they agree to replace your watch, the watchOS shall also be downgraded.

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