Screen Recording: Record your iPhone and iPad’s Screen

Screen Recording

How convenient will it become if you can save all of your class or work presentations along with the speaker’s voice? Yes, it is true!! We are here with an article that will tell you all the basics about such a feature of your iPhone or iPad called Screen Recording.
So the first step is to understand what screen recording is –

What is a Screen Recording?

  • Screen Recording is a free app that helps you to record your screen in the form of your video. You can easily record any video or presentation or other important document and watch it whenever you feel.
  • The best thing is that you do not need to install any extra app for recording your screen as a screen recorder in iPhone or any other device is already available.

Why do we need a screen recording option?

Screen Recording is a feature that is proven to be very useful for all devices.
Let us now tell you some of its use-

  • During the time of this Covid pandemic and online working, screen recording is helping a lot of students as well as workers in recording their online lectures or meetings, so that they can save them and watch whenever needed or required.
  • Computer game fans can now record their awards in any game.
  • If you are a teacher and you are facing difficulty in explaining some diagrams or graphs, then you can record your screen and send your students the material along with your oral explanation.

How to record your iPhones or iPad’s Screen :

  • Go to Settings in your iOS 14 or the latest version, Select Control Center then go to more Controls and select the option of Screen Recording.
  • Go to Settings > select Control Center > then More Controls > finally Screen Recording.
  • Scroll down from the corner of the iPhone’s screen ( bottom) if you have an iPhone X or the next version, scroll down from the right corner(upper) of the screen.
  • Select the microphone option.

Just touch the START RECORDING option and wait for three seconds.

Screen Recording

How to stop screen recording in your iPhone or iPad 

  • Go to Settings in your iOS 14 or the latest version, Select Control Center then go to more Controls and select the option of Screen Recording.
  • Go to Settings > select Control Center > then More Controls > finally Screen Recording.
  • Go to the STOP SCREEN RECORDING option or select the red bar appearing at the top of your iPhone’s or iPad screen.

Note – If you are not able to screen record some of your apps then the problem is with the app because some applications do not allow to screen record their functioning.

Where to find your saved screen recordings?

To see the recording that you have done, go to the Photos app and there you will find the screen recording. Apple also gives you the option to edit and trim your screen recording according to you, without affecting the original video.

Few things to keep in mind before starting the screen recording 

1. Have a check on your iPhone or iPad’s storage-

Before you enable the screen recording option in your iPhone or Ipad, check the storage of your device because if you lack storage then the recording might stop in between and the device will ask you to clear the space to continue recording.

2. Switch on the DND(Do Not Disturb) mode –

If you want your screen recording to be notification or messages and phone calls free, enable the DND mode.

To start the DND mode :
Settings > Then select the Do Not Disturb option and tap Silence: Always.

3. Lock Orientation

Deciding the direction of holding your iPhone or iPad before starting the screen recording is very important, so the best thing to do is the lock orientation.

So that you do not change the direction of your device accidentally during the screen recording.

To enable lock orientation :
Keep your iPhone or iPad the way you want to screen record, now scroll the screen and on the control center and select the given padlock option.

4. Unmute your iPhone or iDevice

If you want to include the audio of your device while screen recording then you will have to unmute your device, this is the only way of recording your screen with audio.

5. Switch the in-app music off

You will have to turn the music inside the game settings off if you are recording a game or anything having background music and sound both.

You can add music later if you want to.

So this was all about how you can do screen recording on your iPhone and iPad with just a few easy steps. We hope that the article was helpful. If you want us to write on some more basic functions of your iPhone or iPad then do comment down below and please inform us.

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